NJ Semi-Conductors reserves the right to change test conditions, parameters limits and package dimensions without notice information furnished by NJ. 2N Specifications: SCR Type: Sensitive Gate ; Voltage – Off State: V ; Current – On State (It (RMS)) Details, datasheet, quote on part number: 2N . 2N Teccor® Sensitive SCR ;; Package= TO Three-lead. The Teccor line of sensitive SCR semiconductors are half-wave unidirectional, gate-controlled.

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Hello, Do you have the parts available to make a picture of them?

SCR datasheet or equivalant

Aug 22, 1. Some operate around V, others go above V and you don’t have a circuit. Thanks for the PCB tips.

However, in this case, it should not be much of a challenge to locate an equivalent or better-than replacement part. We’ve got full schematics and a parts list for our originals but nobody has bothered making a PC Board to build them on. We wont be at that stage for a fair while yet though.

Converter design with the aid of computer spreadsheet is also shown here. Aug 22, 8. Jul 6, 69 1.


M aximum Allowable Case Temperature vs. Door to door logistic service within 3 days. It looks pretty good. Surge Peak On-State Current vs. On-State Voltage Typical 3. Do you already have an account?

Average On-State Current 80 60 40 20 0 0. Make sure the V rating is or higher. Aug 22, 6.

Sensitive gate SCRs are easily triggered with microAmps of current as furnished by sense coils, proximity switches, and microprocessors. If comprehensive data for 2N to optimize the supply chain, including costdown, time-saving, cross references, parametric, counterfeit risk, alternative components, obsolescence management forecasts is expected, please contact our professional team.

No, create 26565 account now. Junction Temperature Figure 2: Vf – forward voltage. Aug 22, G ate control may be lost during and immediately following surge current interval. IGT may turn out to be a negative quantity trigger current flows out from gate lead. Using a higher voltage rating than required won’t hurt. Apply for more decent price, contact us. Need help with SCR datasheet Posted by chipwitch in forum: Welcome to your attention, too!

Posted by surfline in forum: You May Also Like: Ignore the other numbers, theyre just date codes of manufature. Ours are a bit more complex, not because it’s a twin but because of things like a built in dataseet limiter and the fact that around 5, RPM it switches to a higher voltage and advances the timing a bit. All components original and new, traceable for sure. They are close enough to bridge. If its a 0.


2N Datasheet(PDF) – Boca Semiconductor Corporation

Its in a CDI unit, so maybe V. Jul 26, 2, Im hopping to get another one of these to de-pot 2h6565 way, perhaps boiling in water because this has been a nightmare. Are we going to see more OLEDs in products? Do not repeat on-state current. I would really like to find the original specs first though to know the rating.

Details Shipping Payment Method Guarantee. SCR datasheet or equivalant Reply to Thread. 2n66565 trigger voltage -Vgt. Average On-State Current Figure 8: Peak Capacitor Discharge Current 0 0. Inquiry Add to Cart.

Overload may not be repeated until junction temperature has returned to steady-state rated value.