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In this course, students will gain an understanding of the concepts of object- oriented programming and develop business applications with ABAP Objects. BC ABAP – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Goal of the ABAP Objects (BC) course is to strengthen your ABAP skills by gaining a full understanding of object-oriented programming techniques.

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It is based on system classes. This process is called bc410. If the system was able to read the line, but if one or more of the columns does not contain the value stored for it in ZD, it sets the return code sy- subrc to two. You can have up to six external sessions open simultaneously in one terminal session. Other classes subscribe to this event triggered when a car is instantiated and process it.

Course: Advanced ABAP – Springest

If a return code has been set, it is stored in the sy-subrc field after the statement has been executed. Choose the appropriate superclass so that the system performs a syntax check to ensure that, after the relevant exception is raised, it is either handled or passed explicitly along using a RAISING addition. These components are now addressed using the interface reference exclusively with their own short name.

To access the sub- components of this structured component, you need another field symbol.

However, in order to allow the user to work with cars, busses, or trucks, you generally need a narrowing cast. Objects are instantiated aap the statement: There are special comparison operators for strings, which you can use in logical expressions in a queryto search more flexibly for character sequences in a character string.

In the remaining exercises in this absp, you can always start with the program you created in the previous bc4001 or copy the corresponding model solution and continue working with this program. In the constructor, the private attribute of the class QDPH is to be initialized. These classes make up the class-specific part of the persistence service.


The user must still be able to choose the key date. The only exception lies in the so-called “friend” concept, which will be dealt with later in the course.

BC ABAP Objects – PDF Drive

Add an attribute for the airplane type suggested name: Therefore it is essential that all instance constructors are called in an inheritance hierarchy in the correct sequence. The data is stored line by line in memory. Click here to sign up. The class hierarchy of the description classes corresponds to the hierarchy of the types in the ABAP type system. Each line has the same structure.

If an existing event handler is deregistered in an event handler method, then this handler is deleted from the event handler method sequence. However, a private method can be called by a public method. If the attribute was private, the subclasses abp only be able to access tank using non- private methods.

Gc401 the example above, the similarities between the car, bus, and truck classes are extracted to the vehicle superclass. The members of the OMG are continuously developing it further.

However, with events, the reaction of the object to the event is triggered by the event itself.

SAP ABAP www.trainings.globalbsc.com ABAP Workbench

Interfaces only describe the external point of contact of a class protocolsthey do not contain any implementation. There are two basic forms of static relationships: If a class providing friendship wants to access the non-public components of a friend, this friend has to explicitly provide friendship to it. Defining an exception is thus synonymous with creating an exception class.

The memory can be used between sessions in the same terminal session.

BC401 – ABAP Objects

The table entries are addressed by means of a special hash algorithm. No data is copied. All parameters can be passed by value or reference. Aba way in which exception classes are assigned to one of these three paths in the hierarchy defines how the associated exceptions are passed along.


In most cases, recursive associations are used to link two different objects in one class. For more information, refer to the documentation on internal tables. The rules for interpreting the value are analogous to those used for dates. The syntax required for this is discussed later in this unit.

Representation of visibility characteristics is optional and is normally only used for models that are close to implementation.

The name of this aabp text cannot be changed.

Sequence diagrams focus on the time sequence of the information exchange: Again, if an error occurs, make sure the program terminates. You must assign a name and type to each column. All enhancements are strictly upward compatible. All handlers for one event are entered in this list. This makes sense if you know exactly how many lines you will want in your table when you create it.

Fill in the UML diagram on the next page. The basic reason is that the bc4401 of a super class cannot normally predict all the requirements that subclasses will later need to make of the superclass. The values are converted to numeric type objects. The similarity to the representation of inheritance is intentional, because the interface can be seen as a generalization of the class implemented or the class can be agap as a specialization of the interface.

The significant point here is that subclasses do not each receive their own copy of the static attribute.