From the bestselling author of Kari comes a brilliant new interpretation of mythology. Combining stories from the Adi Parva which precede the main narrative. Amruta Patil’s Adi Parva is a feminist retelling of the Mahabharat, with an interesting focus on its women characters. Review by Sandhya. Adi Parva: Churning of the Ocean | Amruta Patil. Worth its weight in gold. To know if a tale is worth its weight in gold, check if it reveals itself.

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The story is told by a woman sutradhaar the narrator — not just any woman — the river Ganga herself in human form, a mute witness to all of history. As it is, there is something just slightly deliberately esoteric about this graphic novel that jars with me, not exoticism per se but a sort of mysticism that alludes to an odd and not entirely true idea that Hindu mythology is oh, so incomprehensible in its deep philosophy. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. That is how history has always been recorded.

The very title of her book Adi Parva promises sequels, as there is the hope that pafil tackles each parva section of the Mahabharat with equal panache; as does the passing on of the baton of the narrative by Ganga to the wounded Asi at the end.

Content Marketing that Works. They were meant to be heard, to be held in memory, to be seen in performance by the masses. No more and no less. The stories are also very insightful.

The second part is released recently, I hear. Makes for a beautiful read King Jamejaya is burning snakes. Posted by amruta patil at 2: Friday, March 10, Nari Shakti Puraskar. However if the reader is unfamiliar with the stories in the book, Amrita Patil sure does her best to make them sound bland and smruta Most newer pages are on a single sheet of paper, amrtua older ones are more fragmented.


Go find this book. Jan 27, Rohit rated it it amrita amazing Shelves: It is a narrative in which the women are often overshadowed by the string of glorious achievements of the male characters. Book of HoursDeath. Quite a gorgeous book. One must not underestimate the ability of a storyteller.

What an outstanding read it turned out to be!

Copyright Fantasy Book Critic. An Illustrated Retelling of the Ramayana. Adi Parva is pages long divided into thirteen titled but unnumbered sections. But as Amruta herself puts it so eloquently – tales must be tilled like the land so they can breathe, the only thing you owe allegiance to is the essence. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

The Mahabharat is an immense narrative; each re-telling and each reader finds different perspectives.

Monday, December 05, Parvw from ‘Sauptik: When Dawkins writes a book like The God Delusionatheists-who-swear-by-science in the Indian subcontinent – not wanting to be left out of anything global and trendy – run to embrace it, without taking cognisance of the fact that nothing about Indian mythological lore is inimical to scientific thought. The forthrightness of Shakuntala in the way she speaks to her husband Dushyant about the parca and the rights of her son.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. There are various themes running through the entire story — of feminism underline however it latil thererivalry, the context of times gone by and the current times, of the different ages and how men and their nature changes and more so the idea of storytelling.

If you want to retell the Mahabharata, and want it to stand out from the thousands of retellings over the thousands of years, you have only a few choices. Posted by amruta patil at 3: Nice flow of stories. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Amrura book ends with Pandu’s end, and with Kunti ready to re-enter Hastinapura.

Combining stories from the Adi Parva which precede the main narrative of the Pandav-Kaurav war for succession. The Mahabharata as a tale is known to all. Gandhari wears a kaftan while Kashmiri and Central Asian embroideries dance across the page border, Kunti wears aamruta Bengali white sari with red border, while Madri is in a salwar-kameez.


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parca English Choose a language for shopping. An embellished and beautiful artifice, except it’s as hollow as the Trojan horse on the inside. This is reason for modest if premature celebration. Will children want to read this book?

Completing high school wouldn’t have been such a bad idea after all.

Book Review | Adi Parva: Churning of the Ocean

This one however is told in the form of a graphic novel and Amruta Patil uses her craft stupendously. Posted by amruta patil at 9: Let me put it this way – if no more than five or six pages were to be edited or reworded and redrawn, the answer to all three questions would become an unqualified “yes”. Jan 01, Shahina rated it really liked it Shelves: The novel has quiet moments- idyllic devlok painted in soothing colours- and dramatic, violent moments- the churning of the ocean with smudged colours blending into one another, depicting a maddening flurry of activity.

She too was taken in by a foster father, without any mother-figure in the picture.

Amruta Patil | PAUL GRAVETT

After all, most of what could be said has been said about the epic. Jan 12, Rijula D rated it it was ok. There is didacticism in the tales- each story has a moral to take home. The tales are as old as stories themselves and there is some creative liberty with paatil stories or at least they were different from the versions I had read before.