Algemene voorwaarden Wiegers XL. Wij zijn CBW erkend! Buy from a CBW- certified shop offers many advantages, but, above all, more security. Download Algemene voorwaarden CBW Buy from a CBW-INRETAIL-certified furniture shop offers many advantages, but especially it offers more collateral. In de ‘algemene voorwaarden voor overeenkomst op afstand voor woonwinkels’, opgesteld door het CBW, lees je alles over jouw rechten en plichten bij een.

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At services and digital content that is not supplied on a tangible medium: Article 13 — Delivery and execution The trader will take the greatest possible care when receiving and implementing orders for products and in the assessment of applications for the provision of services.

Products that are returned damaged cannot be exchanged or refunded! For webshop orders this is the showroom in Berkel and Rodenrijs. These terms and conditions will be used by all members of the Stichting Webshop keurmerk except financial services referred to in the financial supervision and as far as these services under the control of the Netherlands Authority for the financial Markets. Additional or different terms these terms and conditions may not be to the detriment of the consumer and should be recorded in writing or in such a way that the consumer can be on an accessible stored on a durable medium.

If the consumer does not make his payment obligation and does, is this, After he by the entrepreneur has been advised of the late payment and the entrepreneur the consumer a term of 14 days has awarded to still his payment obligations, After failing payment within this day-term, the statutory interest on the outstanding amount and the entrepreneur is entitled the extrajudicial collection costs to charge.

This terms and conditions of Stichting Webshop keurmerk are developed in consultation with the consumers ‘ Association in the framework of the coordination group self-regulation CZ of the economic and Social Council and take effect per 1 June Download Algemene voorwaarden CBW.

These fluctuations and the fact that any price mentioned, be at the offer. Article 15 — Payment As far as not otherwise provided in the agreement or additional terms, amounts owed by the consumer to be paid within 14 days after entering the cooling-off period, or in the absence of a cooling-off period within 14 days after the conclusion of the agreement.


If desired, you can have your order shipped to a different address. You have the option pay at delivery in cash or digital. Obvious mistakes or obvious errors in the offer do algemsne bind the entrepreneur.

General terms and conditions – Stigter Tuinmeubelen

Under extra warranty is understood to comprise any commitment of the entrepreneur, his supplier, apgemene or producer in which it assigns to the consumer certain rights or claims that go beyond that this is required by law in case he is guilty of serious misconduct in the performance of his part of the agreement. The General conditions are drawn up in cooperation with the consumers ‘ Association.

Bitcoins When you choose to pay with bitcoins as an online customer, the exact bitcoin exchange rate of that moment is determined.

A dispute is by Webshop keurmerk only dealt with, If the consumer exercises his complaint without delay to the economic operator has submitted first.

Fill in the enclosed return form and enclose it with the item you want to return. Other sales, delivery and payment conditions Stigter tuinmeubelen applies the general sales, delivery and payment terms of the association GEBRA filed with the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague.

Always use as much of the original packaging including the packing material supplied to protect the item being returned. Article 1 — Definitions Article 2 — Identity of the entrepreneur Article 3 — Applicability Article 4 — The offer Article 5 — The agreement Article 6 — Right of withdrawal Article 7 — Obligations of the consumer during the cooling-off period Article 8 — Exercise of the right of withdrawal by the consumer and cost Article 9 — Obligations of the entrepreneur in the case of withdrawals Article 10 — Exclusion of the right of withdrawal Article 11 — The price Article 12 — Performance and extra warranty Article 13 — Delivery and execution Article 14 — Duration transactions: Provided data will be SSL encrypted.

Article 18 — Additional or different terms Additional or different terms these terms and conditions may not be to the detriment of the consumer and should be recorded in writing or in such a way that the consumer can be on an accessible stored on a durable medium.

Online service

As an agreement has a duration of more than one year, should the consumer after a year the agreement at any time with a notice period of up to one month denounce, unless the reasonableness and fairness itself against cancellation before the end of the agreed duration object. Or Create an account. The delivery delay can therefore be longer than indicated. The consumer may voogwaarden with respect to the purchase of a product during a cooling-off period of at least 14 days without giving any reason dissolve.


If the consumer can pay electronically, the trader will take appropriate security measures.

If the consumer has accepted the offer electronically, the trader will immediately confirm receipt of the electronic acceptance of the offer. The address can be found on your sales receipt or stigter-tuinmeubelen. The place of delivery is the address that the consumer has notified to the economic operator. The economic operator may within statutory frameworks — about the consumer’s ability to fulfill his payment obligations, as well as all facts and factors that boorwaarden important for a responsible conclusion of the distance contract.

An agreement with limited duration to the arranged to deliver day-introduction, News- and weekly newspapers and magazines trial- or introductory subscription is not implied continued and ends automatically after the trial- or introductory period.

cbw erkend – Ogv

You are now in your shopping cart with an overview of the item s you have selected. A contract for a definite period, which extends to the regular delivery of products or services, may only be extended tacitly for an indefinite period if the consumer may cancel at any time with a notice period of up to one month. Subject to what about this in article 4 of these general terms and conditions, the entrepreneur accepted orders but no later than 30 days run, unless a different delivery period is agreed.

Purchases that do not meet the above rules remain your property. Stores that CBW-recognised, handling terms and conditions that protect you as a consumer, extra good. In these altemene, the right of withdrawal as mentioned read: Does your order have several items with different delivery delays, voorwaafden we will ship your order once all of the items are available!

We hope that you are happy with your purchase.