Amul is an Indian dairy brand originating from the state of Gujrat. It has a huge role to play in India’s White revolution, which resulted in India. Check out the SWOT analysis of Amul and understand the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities that the brand has which it can. SWOT AMUL. 1. SWOT Analysis On AMUL BUTTER S W O T; 2. STRENGTHS Creative advertising with Amul Baby print ads High brand.

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This type of product positioning has proved beneficial to Amul and so they must come up with many more of such ideas and products that can help them move forward. It has also computerized its production processes.

The Brand Amul is a movement in dairy cooperative in India. As a Global enterprise, Amul will be meeting global demands and ensure greater productivity and the opportunity to enhance integration in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the business.

Placing a product in that part of the market where it will receive a favorable reception compared to competing products is the most recent strategy implemented by Amul.

After analyzing the vision and mission of the company it is pretty sure that the company would strive to expand its distribution network, would involve its manpower in creative marketing, plan for consumer education and product innovation, would leverage effectively on rising levels, grow affluence among Indian consumers and would tap the rising demand for new value added products. Analysks Bank of Saurashtra 4.

Amul is an Indian dairy brand originating from the state of Gujrat. Their marketing strategy is to reach each and every one through advertisements.


Marketing Report of the Amul Company, Including the Swot, Tows, Ifsa, Efas Essay

Strong supply chain partnerships 2. But with the overall economic improvement in India, these problems would also get solved. Hence, the cooperative has thus given a deathblow to the caste system in its own way.

Despite the distribution being strong, it is still not dispersed to rural areas. Threat From Substitute Although no real substitute exist for milk, however competition offers low priced products as well as variety, from skimmed milk to full cream as well as milk powder.

Amul offers different products in different product categories.

Similar Brands in the same Sector:. How about receiving a customized one? It becomes that much important for them to have a good distribution. But while Indian per capita demand is going up 4. Rise in purchasing power saot Indian people 4. Following the new GATT treaty, opportunities will increase tremendously for the export of agri-products in general and dairy products in particular.

Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours By following the new GATT treaty, opportunities have increased tremendously for the export of agri-products in general and dairy products in particular.

If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. Those who pass this test are called for interview and are selected on the basis of smart selection process. The companies are not associated with MBASkool in any way.

AMUL Swot Analysis: Detailed Report for students and professionals

Moreover, the consuming habits are changing. In the last few years, the cooperative has successfully launched several new product lines, which have been popular among different age groups. Professionally trained, technical human resource pool. Technology and transportation remain basic weaknesses which mar the efficiency of the entire supply chain. There is a basic raw material need for the dairy analywis that is, milk is available in abundance.


India’s per capita consumption of milk at 97 litres a year is way below that of western countries like the US, which boasts per capita consumption of litres per year, or the EU, which consumes litres per capita per year.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: Edit the Brand or Add a New One: But then competition has to be faced as a ground reality. In these nations the milk is hands by the farmers owning the cattle do milched with the help of machines, while in India. And unlike other competitors, it has never taken wrong benefits in these kinds of situations.

Much of operational weakness can be attributed as challenges rather which are constant.

SWOT Analysis of Amul | Free SWOT Analysis

The global mascot Amul girl used in their advertising is their icon throughout the world. Economies of scale 3. GCMMF has an excellent distribution. Amul Ice Cream 5. Amul can introduce new products in the chocolate segment 2. Addition of cultured products like yoghurt and cheese lend further strength both in terms of utilization of resources and presence analyssi the market place.

They are areas where the business needs to improve to remain competitive. Your email address will not be published. These factors are very critical and all players like have to control analhsis them.