Review: Reboot by Amy Tintera. This book was amazing. Been wanting it for a while, even though when I first saw it I didn’t think it would be a. Reboot by Amy Tintera. Sixteen year old Wren Connolly was killed five years ago after being shot three times in the chest. minutes after. I’m the NYT Bestselling author of the REBOOT duology and the RUINED trilogy. My next book, ALL THESE MONSTERS, will be published in , with the.

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La autora escribe muy bien, no deja que el ritmo se caiga y siempre hay algo de intriga que hace que quieras seguir leyendo. What if you were given the ugliest teenager alive? Reboot, by Amy Tintera. I buttoned my pants and sat down in a chair next to him, quickly strapping myself in. Changes were made and I was so gald.

LibrisNotes: Reboot by Amy Tintera

There are better books out there with more substance, with more character development, and an even more teboot romance. In the beginning I had a bit of trouble with the past tense that this book is being told in. Largely know as insta-love, Reboot tinterq little buildup on the chemistry between Callum and Wren. I must have heard that story a million times. Everything about her was just so cool and believe me, I never use the word cool to describe a character.

Maybe my two stars are a little too strict, but I can’t t 2. Anyway, into this scenario comes Callum. Rebooting occurs after every organ in the body shuts down, and the longer the “rest”, the better the Reboot. Full of plotholes bigger than “yo mama’s so fat” jokes. May 11, Megan rated it it was ok. I would have rather had that the book was about 50 pages longer with some more explanations.


And moreover, you’re telling her she shouldn’t care?

Reboot Series

The main character, Wren, is a real badass. DMS February 23, at There was chemistry between Wren and Callum without it being overbearing, there was an interesting dynamic between them, etc.

The life she remembers before she was a Reboot was filled with hunger, druggie parents and the filth of the slums, she’s never known any better. But what does it look like from the other side of the fence?

Human who died and born again technically. And there was no world-building. With the highest number at the HARC facility at Wren is considered their top soldier, fast, strong and emotionless.

It also seems like the author did well in terms of character depth because you wrote a ton about how much you like the female protagonist, the love interest, and even the roommate! Just overall a good time. He was sweet, human and loving. That’s not that long.

Reboot Series by Amy Tintera

The main character was the best part of the story. He was weak and showed no interest in what he was trying to become or expected to, and wouldn’t bother trying to impress Wren or anyone.

She feboot pull your arms off then use them to beat you and anyone with you to death without even breaking a sweat. This book had a great concept, but never lived up to its promise. Preview — Reboot by Amy Tintera. I swear that’s all he does for the first half of the book, he laughs, he giggles, he smiles. The narration was also, in my observation, an all-tell-no-show style. She’s the kind of girl who kicks ass and takes names.


Callum 22 is not only just a random Reboot, but also he was the quickest to ever come back to life meaning he was the character that made this book feel like they were complete aliens from outer space. In one scene she even talks about how she overcame her fear of gun by being repeatedly shot in the chest by her trainer. I want to know her more! The descriptions used for the tintwra and descriptions where really superficial.

The new Reboots with higher numbers are chosen by the veteran Reboots who also have a high number. But suddenly, Wren is starting to question HARC and her position as a soldier——and to complicate things even more, she’s starting to feel truly alive for the first time since she Rebooted. Clearly, this author and I get along very well and I will continue to devour her books! Jan 04, Ellie rated it liked it Shelves: He slid the door open and we marched deboot into the dark, a soft breeze ruffling my ponytail.

Jun 09, Neil or bleed rated it liked it Shelves: You don’t piece together the obvious till around the middle.