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TB 5 PROCEDURES FOR SELECTION, TRAINING, TESTING AND QUALIFYING OPER EQUIPMENT/SYSTEMS, EXCLUDING. Army motor vehicle drivers and ground support equipment operators (paras and .. tained in FM , FM , TB ,. TB , AR. AR and is designed for use in conjunction with TB ,. Procedures for Licensing Operators of Equipment Managed by the U.S. Army Mobility Equip-.

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Instructors must be NVD qualified and licensed on the vehicles on which training is conducted, and must be desig- nated in writing by the commander as certified NVD instructors.

This SOP establishes the minimum requirements for the standardized selection, training, licensing, and continuing evaluation of all personnel who operate tactical vehicles within the company. Interviews will be conducted by the commander or authorized representative by using a standardized format or the checklist in appendix B. Packaging of Hazardous Material. The following minimum licensing requirements apply to military operators of AMVs:.

An operator will retain their manual DA Form upon transfer to a new assignment. Driving off the installation. In organizations without a transportation officer, the motor maintenance gb or a designated individual may be assigned this function. Ensure the driver maintains the proper interval between vehicles.

Chapter 2 Driver Applicants 2—1. I certify that I have received counseling on the mandatory requirement to wear properly adjusted seatbelt while operating all Army Motor Vehicles and that I am required to ensure that any passengers who ride with me also wear their seatbelts. Commanders will certify instructors in writing to ensure proper knowledge of subject ma. Sustainment training is periodic driver training conducted to maintain a high level of driver skill proficiency and to.

Unit instructors must be trained in accordance with the subjects in paragraph 4—9 b aboveand must be certified in writing by the commander as qualified instructors for familiarization training on transporting hazardous materials. In such cases, appropriate headquarters will make available necessary equipment, test materials, or qualified test supervisors.


Sample remarks for limited permits include—.

Physical evaluation measures are a series of physical tests using a standard driver. Qualification training will include sequential and progressive instruction in academic subjects and on driving.

driver’s training ncoic/license examiner

Establish high standards for the selection, training, knowledge, ability, judgment, and discipline of drivers. For installations or commands below company size, operator training will be conducted at the highest level possible. Component bars ary be attached to the bottom portion of the badge.

Annotate any additional training or retraining on the DA Form Authorizes collection of a Social Security Number as identification. Physical Qualifications for Drivers. Equipment operator testing and licensing procedures for self-propelled equipment will conform to this regulation. The test consist of three phases: Night vision device driver training. Each issuing authority will maintain a ledger of all permits issued.

driver’s training ncoic/license examiner

Qualification on non-self-propelled equipment will be entered on DA Formsection I and training will be entered. In addition, commanders at all.

Drivers of vehicles without air brakes or those who do not pass the air brakes test or test on a vehicle without air brakes will have a restriction placed on the CDL showing that they are not qualified to operate a vehicle with air tn.

Do you wear corrective lenses or do you have any problems with your eyes? Permit ledgers will be maintained according to paragraph 5—1 dabove. Criteria for selecting, training, testing, and licensing mechanical or ground support equipment operators are contained in technical bulletin TB —1 and TB —2. All training will be conducted to standard; not time.

Examples of this are— a. No exceptions to this regulation will be made in the case of persons who regularly operate vehicles or equipment in connection with other work or incident to other duties.


The packet consist of the following information: In cases where all skills and knowledge cannot be evaluated by testing on one type of vehicle or equipment, additional performance testing is required. All waiver requests zrmy be endorsed by the commander or senior leader of the requesting activity and forwarded through their higher headquarters to the policy proponent.

Have you ever driven a tractor-trailer combination? Explosives and Blasting Agents. I will familiarize myself thoroughly with all such regulations and laws.

Have you had any experience as an automobile mechanic or in related work? In extreme circumstances, when there is an uncommon or newly-fielded piece of equipment for loading or discharge and no one is specifically licensed to operate arjy, the commander of the SDDC battalion in charge of the port can waive this requirement provided—. Driving within the United States or U. Cited in para 4—7. Strikeovers, erasures, use of correction fluid or tape, obscuring, or otherwise making an OF or DA Form —E entry illegible are not permitted except for the first five digits of SSN.

Driver — W for wheeled vehicles b. Each hazardous materials employee will receive safety training concerning: The ledger will be maintained on a calendar year basis and will identify personnel qualifications and individual license currency on vehicles and equipment. However, most class A and B vehi- cles have automatic or semiautomatic transmissions. Commanders will establish speed limitations for all modes of driving with NVDs.