A artéria radicular magna carrega seu nome como epônimo: a artéria de Adamkiewicz (AKA). O conhecimento da irrigação da medula espinhal é importante no. Spinal blood supply was first studied by Albert Wojciech Adamkiewicz [AFI: ʔadamkiɛviʧ],, dominant radiculomedullary a., e outros.,,, Artéria de Adamkiewicz. Société de Biologie and the German Anatomical Society of Leipzig The glory of mus radicularis anterior” or “arteria magna spinalis,” now widely known as.

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The collateral network concept: European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery. Dorsal ramus intercostal a. The talent thoracic retrospective registry. European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery.

Oxford University Press; Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg. Oxford University Press; Results artedia endovascular repair of the thoracic aorta with the talent thoracic stent graft: Review Article Anatomy of spinal blood supply. The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. This collateral network can provide compensatory flow to the spinal cord in the event of occlusion of the larger caliber routes, 31 and the flow from one source can increase when another is reduced; or vice versa: MDCT angiography of the spinal vasculature and the artery of Adamkiewicz.


Advances in imaging of the spinal cord vascular supply and its relationship with paraplegia after aortic interventions.

Artery of Adamkiewicz

J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. Melissano G, Chiesa R. The risk of spinal cord ischemia during thoracic aorta endografting. Generally, one of the anterior radicular arteries is dominant in terms of caliber and is known as the great anterior radicular artery or Adamkiewicz artery Figure 2.

Views Read Edit View history. South African Medical Journal. Albert Adamkiewicz –his artery and its significance for the retroperitoneal surgeon. Knowledge of the blood supply to the spinal cord is important when planning treatment of diseases of the aorta.

Arteria espinal anterior – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

How to cite this article. Spinal cord and spinal column tumors: Thron AK, Rossberg C. Evaluating diagnostic tests with imperfect standards. Services on Demand Journal. Standardization of the terminology is necessary and the suggestions for use in Portuguese made in this study are based on current anatomic terminology. Skalski JH, Zembala M. The anterior spinal artery ASA is crucial to vascularization of the marrow and anterior and lateral funiculi and is basically an anastomotic channel between the ascending and descending branches of the adjacent anterior radicular arteries Figure 1.


The intricate three-dimensional anatomy of the spinal blood supply is often explained in the literature using different terminology 9 and merits review in order to clarify the standard that should be used Table 1.

Arteria espinal anterior

Celiac Left gastric Esophageal branches. All of these vessels are interconnected and anastomose with the subclavian arteries cranially and the hypogastric arteries caudally.

The mathematical algorithm employed identified intraoperative hypotension and simultaneous exclusion of at least two spinal supply territories as relevant to the genesis of ischemia, and it was concluded that extensive exclusion of the intercostal arteries alone was not associated with arterja spinal ischemia. The intricate three-dimensional vascular anatomy of the spinal cord is still not completely understood, and its terminology varies between studies.

The anatomy of the spinal cord collateral circulation. Thron AK, Rossberg C. Vascular anatomy of the spine.