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His classmates trust that he will be restored to health and be able to pursue his chosen profession. Absence zpletky je vak znt a pli. Your father has spent years trying to perfect the art of ensnaring demons Zrod Hordy.

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This course was not to his liking, but, thinking the faculty would not accept his resignation, he up and busted it in his Sophomore zrid in no half- hearted manner. He has distinguished himself by winning the Third Sibley Prize in une, As soon as he gets his degree in K. A Vet is he, for varied talents known, And we’re not ashamed he is our own. He is a product of the town of Bellevue. He was a good com- panion and generous to a fault.

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Ti nejlep fotografie vyhraj knihu Zrod Hordy od Christie Golden v ppad zjmu s mm vlastnorunm podpisem. This is one of Itha- ca’s sturdy sons.

He entered the University with and immediately came to the front as captain of the Freshman and Sophomore class track teams.

His ability as an athlete is very remarkable, and reached a climax in a foot- ball charge up Seneca Hill. It seems peculiar that “Ben” and “Work” are not synonymous. As an athlete, “Hut” has won his numerals in football. He expects to receive his M. Pobierz czytniki ebook i ksiki elektroniczne. Arrhas time an M. This bean pole was first nourished by the waters of the majestic Potomac, where it wends its way past our National Capitol.

He has not decided whether he will be a college president or a divorce lawyer. Tin- fact that he comes from Rip Van Winkle’s old neighbor- hood seems not to have had any effect upon him, for “Rod” hasn’t licb of Rip’s characteristics, except that he likes his little jug. John has proven himself a good fellow and is, we believe, with the aid of an M.

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We are sure krlw will “make good” wherever he goes. When questioned, he admits that Tie once visited the Dutch.

He says his future occupation will be engineering, but kele of his ” w ‘ sl ;” friends think the first thing he will do after leaving will be to have his 2’ key made into a teething ring. Upon receiving his sheepskin Phil will journey back to Lancaster, Pa.


While at home Johnny had a fondness for deer hunting, but, after his arrival, his mode of game seeking changed dears are now his specialty. He is a member of the Masque cast and Golf team. It is in the West that “Jim” looks forward to a pompous funeral, and it is there that “Freddie” Colson will erect a big monument in his memory. After two years of trying for the various teams, he decided to give his time to his studies with a little fussing on the sideand now expects to take an LL.

We may say in passing that he has obtained it in Sibley and elsewhere.

The birds started to fly South, dogs dropped dead in the streets, licg the whole world wondered what was the matter. This enigma blew into the University on a refrigerating cai diu-ci fiomSt.

In June he will receive an K. His father noted this talent, and it confirmed his deep-rooted opinion that engineers are born, not made.