26 out. Doenças Reumatismais Curso Profissional Técnico Auxiliar de Saúde Saúde Trabalho realizado por: Ana Pinto Nº 2. Diana Ferreira Nº 8. Per artropatia, in campo medico, si intende una qualunque malattia articolare. la Sindrome di Reiter, l’Artrite reumatoide giovanile;; Artropatia neuropatica. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5.

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Se evaluaron los datos poblacionales, presencia de comorbilidades, y resultados de los cultivos.

He was clinically diagnosed as having Kennedy’s disease. The treatment was applied for a month, with a follow-up during the next 5 months. Various mechanisms shape the MHC class I peptidome.

Full Text Available Antecedentes: An epidemiological descriptive cross-sectional study was carried out among 22 HIV seropositive patients admitted at the Provincial Sanatorium of Villa Clara aimed at determining the prevalence and severity of the periodontal disease, its relationship with the clinical stages of the HIV infection, the lymphocitary population, the oral hygiene and the acute infections of the studied group.

Nascent HLA-class I molecules are stabilized by proteasome-derived peptides in the ER and the new complexes proceed to the cell surface through the post-ER vesicles.

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This paper aims on presenting atheoretical-social reflection on legalpositivism as a paradigm through atheoretical matrix that restricts and interfereson scientific productions about the legalsystem in modern times. Caracterizar el ambiente de seguridad del paciente en un servicio de Terapia Ocupacional donde se desarrollan actividades docentes y asistenciales para el programa de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia.


Microcrisralina cutoff value was identified by construction of a ROC curve receiver operating characteristic. Full Text Available In this paper we report a eight-year prospective study designed to further characterize incidence, epidemiology, specific syndromes, treatment and prognosis associated with fungal infections in neutropenic patients. We conclude that HIV-infected patients can present almost any movement disorder. This work aimed to determine the association between regional dysfunction and the presence of ventricular arrhythmia in chagasic patients without apparent heart disease.

El tiempo de seguimiento fue de meses para el grupo 1 y miccrocristalina meses para el grupo 2.

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A metodologia foi a de estudo de caso, e o processo de an. The aim here was to analyze carotid intima-media thickness IMT in spondyloarthritis SpA patients and correlate this with clinical parameters and inflammatory markers.

Intravitreal use of triamcinolone acetonide can reduce macular edema and restore visual acuity. El tumor fue completamente resecado, sin evidencia de recurrencia y sin complicaciones. Prevalencia de factores de riesgo: Augmented lipase in serum was found in two patients with pancreatic sufficiency, whereas transaminases were normal in all of them. Biopsy of one of the cutaneous lesions was suggestive of sporotrichosis and culture isolated Sporothrix schenckii.

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Environmental factors play a critical role in the pathogenesis of AAU; in particular, bacterial triggers have been strongly implicated in the development of this disease. We observed that, although both categories were present at the two moments, over time, during the preoperative period, the need for surgical intervention was accepted better and the Feelings of apprehension started to be mentioned less, while the Positive and hopeful feelings were artrkte frequently mentioned by the patients.


Riesgo cardiovascular en pacientes nonagenarios: The diagnostic criterion was based on the identification of nuclear alterations.

A better doctor-patient relationship doesn’t have only positive effects on users’ satisfaction and health services quality, but it influences directly the health state of patients.

Autoimmune thyroiditis is a common complication of using interferon in patients with hepatitis C. Estudio de cohortes no concurrente.

Comorbilidad del trastorno compulsivo en pacientes con epilepsia. Objective Inhibition of inflammation and destruction, but not of osteoproliferation, in patients with spondylarthritis SpA treated with antitumor necrosis factor raises the question of how these three processes are interrelated. The aphthous stomatitis was the most frequent acute infection.


In this study, the possible cooperative effect arttite generating five naturally processed HLA-B 27 ligands by both proteases was analyzed.

The development of an animal model bearing definite antigens is important to facilitate the evaluation and modulation of specific allo-antigen responses after transplantation. O organismo mais comun foi P.

This experimental approach, which could be easily transferred to other HLA class I families and supertypes, has implications for the validation of new bioinformatics tools in the functional clustering of HLA molecules, for the identification of antiviral cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses, and for future vaccine development. A technique was applied to detect early fluorescent antigens DEFA of cytomegalovirus CMV using the E13 monoclonal antibodies in 52 immunocompromised patients hospitalized in the Nephrology Institute of Havana.