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The feedback resistors should be located as close as possible to the FB pin with vias tied straight to the ground plane as required.

Consult with the manufacturer of the load on specific decoupling requirements. Dedicate one solid layer, usually a middle layer of the PC board, for a ground plane and make all critical component ground connections with vias to this layer. Use the remaining printed circuit layers for small signal wiring.

AT9173 – Bus Termination Regulator

For surface mount designs, solid tantalum capacitors can be used, but caution must be exercised with regard to the capacitor surge current rating. FB is the negative input to the voltage loop error amplifier. The maximum RMS current required by the regulator may be closely approximated through the following equation: If a regulator is already in regulation, then it will not be affected by the start up sequencing.

This pin is also monitored by the adaptive shootthrough protection circuitry to determine when the upper MOSFET has turned off. For information regarding Intersil Corporation and its products, see www. Dedicate another solid layer as a power plane and break this plane datashet smaller islands of common voltage levels. Special sequencing of the input supplies is not necessary.


It is recommended that a minimum capacitance of 0. With power devices switching efficiently at kHz, the resulting current transitions from one adtasheet to another cause voltage spikes across datasjeet interconnecting impedances and parasitic circuit elements.

Unfortunately, ESL is not a specified parameter.

The cascoded regulator will be disabled and the fault counter incremented by 1. This method provides a rapid and controlled output voltage rise.

AT datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits Bus Termination Regulator

Nd and Ne refer to the number of terminals on each D and E. Some capacitor series available from reputable manufacturers are surge current tested. There is no need for external programming resistors. If a fault occurs prior to the Fault Reset Counter reaching a count ofthen the Fault Reset Counter is set back to zero.

An over-current trip cycles the soft-start function. In order to dissipate heat generated by the internal VTT LDO, the ground pad, pin 29, should be connected to the internal ground plane through at least four vias. The error amplifier reference is clamped to the internal digital soft-start voltage. It is primarily designed for computer applications powered from an ATX power supply. Dimension b applies to the metallized terminal and is measured between 0. Using the above guidelines should give a Compensation Gain similar to the curve plotted.

This method allows the VDDQ regulator to both source and sink current. It is important to note that the VTT rail may not bleed down to 0V. This pin is also monitored by the adaptive shootthrough datasgeet circuitry to determine when the lower MOSFET has turned off. However, the Equivalent Series Inductance ESL of these capacitors increases with case size and can reduce the usefulness of the capacitor to high slew-rate transient loading.


The power plane should support the input power and at913 power nodes.

EG Datasheet, PDF – Qdatasheet

This enables the ATX, which brings up the 12V rail. The filtering requirements are a function of the switching frequency and the ripple current. The FB pin is also monitored for under and over-voltage events. Next are the small signal components which connect to sensitive nodes or supply critical bypass current and signal coupling.

The over-current function cycles the soft-start function in a hiccup mode to provide fault protection. Phase margin is the difference between the closed loop phase at f0dB and degrees. Careful component layout and printed circuit board design minimizes these voltage spikes.

I x ESR If the output voltage desired is 0. An external resistor divider is used to scale the output voltage relative to the reference voltage and feed it back to the inverting input of the error amplifier, refer to the Typical Application on page 3. Do not insert any circuitry between this pin and the gate of the lower MOSFET, as it may interfere with the internal adaptive shoot-through protection circuitry af9173 render it ineffective.