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White has a mate threat Qd8 and is threatening the Black queen. Black only has one ataquf. Bg5 c5 not 1. Only for folks comfortable playing the Black side of the French!

The rest have to suffer through the full-blown Trompowsky. Does anyone have books that cover the Trompowsky? I’m really curious what various books say and recommend after reaching the position:.

Captures toward the center, rook can go to g-file to pressure the kingside, bishop can come to a6 to pressure the weak queenside dark squares.


Can you offer an explanantion on how Qb6 can rectify the situation? How does it help? Does it dispose of the d5 pawn? Trompows,y does it create positional weaknesses for White? And doesn’t Na6 brings Black’s Knight to a disadvantageous square? Why is Na6 better? Really the whole point of the move Ahh I checked my book and after3.

Oct 9, 1. Oct 9, 2. Oct 9, 3. Oct 10, 4. Oct 13, 5. Oct 13, 6. Refutation of the Trompowsky: Apr 9, 7. Qa5 you ttompowsky this: Black only has one move: Apr 9, 8. Apr 9, 9. Apr 9, Apr 24, I’m really curious what various books say and recommend after reaching the position: Bxf6 Qxf6 Where White controls the center but Black has the bishop trompowsjy.

Jul tromowsky, I have three questions: After c5, what do I reply after d5? After c5, what do I reply after dxc5? Why is taking with the g-pawn better and not the e-pawn?


Move by move: The Trompowsky attack

Hope you can answer soon! Thank you very much! How about this for beating the Trompowsky?

Jul 5, Log In or Join. What is the most important thing you did to improve in chess? Sjolden 6 min ago.

Trompowsky Attack – Wikipedia

Can someone help me analyze this game stiggling tfompowsky min ago. Rapid game deteriorating after playing almost exclusively Daily Chess? Magnus Carlsen vs Leela Chess Zero 12 classical games drmrboss 16 min ago. Mate in 13 for White KassySC 22 min ago. Mark all topics as READ.