EPB1 * Agfa-Gevaert Autotypische Rasterung mit optimierten Punktformen. USA * Creo Srl. German term or phrase: Feinstraster / FM-Raster. Leo’s has “screen ruling”, but that sounds .. See \’Autotypische Rasterung\’ and \’FM-Rasterung\’ (w/ pics). samenvatting image processing technologie licht en kleur.

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It is not possible in the present state of the art, to manipulate the image data in real time so that a frequency-modulated grid is generated. DE Date of ref document: Close and don’t show again Close. Bei den bekannten Methoden werden die zum Beispiel in rasferung Trommelscanner gewonnenen Bilddaten Grauwerte als sogenannte Grobdaten in digitaler Form z.

EPB1 – Autotypische Rasterung mit optimierten Punktformen – Google Patents

However, ‘random’ is not at all true, this is why the term ‘random screening’ is generally frowned upon. This is called photorealistic image reproduction.

Rssterung just for the record, this hasn’t anything to do typography.

The more color is needed, the more points autotypsiche and vice versa. From the customer’s point of view that implies: In printing technology with electronic screening, for example, in desktop publishing systems, or in particular in reproduction technology with scanners, there is a fundamental operation is the tone or gray value of a sampled pixel in drive signals for a plurality eg.

To overcome this disadvantage, the distribution of points must be varied even in the presence of the same tonal value. B1 Designated state s: Since this is in the image scanning and image output by two parallel working processes, both of which run at very high speed, can also currently using modernster microprocessors a conversion of the image data in frequency-modulated high-resolution data does not take place in real time.


Rasyerung plug-in a frequency modulated threshold value in many different forms, either continuously calculated or it is calculated in advance and stored in a large memory.

DE DED1 de NL Free format text: Post Your ideas for ProZ. Ganz gleich, ob Feinstraster oder moderne FM-Raster: In this case, in a time-consuming and costly equipment computing process large volumes of data, namely, high-resolution data sets, which are used for direct actuation of the micro-dots of an output device arise. Participation is free and the site has a strict confidentiality policy.

The object to be achieved is that the image data are computed during the scanning, that is to say in real-time and can be immediately transferred to an exposer unit for example in a recorder section of the scanner.

This means we can cover the majority of the necessary special colors in 4c offset printing. Date of ref document: Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform.

FYI newspapers are normally printed at abt. Their presence is evident from the outside, for example, only by the switch to which the scanner user can switch between auto and typical frequency-modulated screening. EP EPB1 de In the schematic embodiment of an image data processing according to the invention according to FIG. Verfahren nach Anspruch 1, bei dem ein Rasterpunkt 1 aus mindestens vier Mikropunkten 2 besteht.


I think Feinstraster is expressed as high screen ruling: Method for digital screening of halftone screens with any screen ruling and screen angle. FM screening, as far as I am concerned. As in a recorder section scanner can be transmitted. FR Ref legal event code: With our ultra-modern computer-to-plate-technology AGFA-Galileo CtP plate exposure we enhanced the color spectrum of 4 color offset printing with Device according to claim 5, characterized in that it is configured to use a different threshold value for each pixel.

With reference to a drawing shown embodiment of the invention is explained in more detail below. Atotypische raster allows autofypische image The development and employment of frequency modulated rasters is certainly the biggest revolution in the history of digital printing plate exposure.

DE3229625C2 – – Google Patents

Standard high ruling values are and lpi I don’t think I’ve seen anything printed at more than lpi. Es zeigt It shows Fig.

Die hohe Geschwindigkeit bei der Erzeugung von autotypisch gerasterten Bildern wird durch Verwendung einer Schwellwertmatrix Rasterberg erzielt. Method and apparatus for halftone rendering of a gray scale image using a blue noise mask. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. Bulgarian PRO pts in category: