“The Fountainhead” () es un clásico y el primer best-seller de Ayn Rand. Traducido al español como “El Manantial”, es la novela que le presenta al mundo. El Manantial has ratings and reviews. Eric_W said: I had not really paid much attention to Ayn Rand, darling of the conservatives (very su. Ayn Rand (screenplay), Ayn Rand (novel) Why Hetty Disappeared on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Ayn Rand: In Her Own Words . Ayn Rand wanted Clifton Webb to play the villain, but studio chiefs nixed the idea and Robert.

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But all learning is only the exchange of material.

‘El manantial’, de Ayn Rand, o el eslogan de la novela liberal

I think Wynand is a fresh breath in the black and white world of Ayn Rand. Lists with This Book. Roark’s modernist approach to architecture is contrasted with that of most of the other architects in the novel. Speaking of which, I’ve read a lot of reviews on Amazon that warn against this book as giving validation to angry, misanthropic teenagers.

View all 9 comments. How bizarre is man? And they have no respect for the status quo. So when I reached my first airport bookstore in DC the next day, I sought a copy of Fountainhead and bought it during my layover. Ayn Rand and the American Right. She makes you want to believe.

She attempts to soften dand granite facades with a love story, but Rand turns out to be inept at that too. When a man creates and lives, he does not live for the expectation of others or allow his thoughts and identity to be dictated by others, eo must strive for his own path Nietzsche, anyone?


To view it, click here. The woman’s response was focused on social manantil I actually started it and put it aside several times. What an obnoxious world she is revering in this story. The man who attempts to live for others is a dependent. Mananfial oh yes, is it ever corny. Atlas Shrugged was more of a page turner. Which villain would come out on top? What she fails to do is humanize him.

We deserve to be helped! While being “perfect” in the Ayn Rand sense, he seems more human than the counterpart in Atlas Shrugged, John Galt, Destroyer, who is more of a god in that story. Compassion is the greatest virtue. As with most of my answers for life’s most important questions, I take a little from column A and a little from column B.

There were many sections of the text which I highlighted because I liked them so much and yet long-winded soliloquies used as conversational speeches, I could have done without. However, because I’m aware of the fact that our judgement at the age of 16 is not necessarily quite so excellent as most of us liked to think it was, I decided recently to reread it, and see if I understood what other people saw in this book.

View all 8 comments. Both groups are psychological dependents. She first worked as a volunteer in Wendell Willkie ‘s presidential campaign, and then attempted to form a group for conservative intellectuals. She despised the religious believer who without questioning adopts the religious beliefs of his parents, conforming without thinking.

DeMille rejected Rand’s script, and the completed film followed Murphy’s original idea. Ina 50th anniversary edition from Bobbs-Merrill added an afterword by Rand’s heir, Leonard Peikoff.


‘El manantial’, de Ayn Rand, o el eslogan de la novela liberal | A vuelapluma

Her objectivism and philosophical diatribes about the heroic American individualist brought me back to college days and the philosophy of Nietzsche, so adored by Hitler, on the “exceptionalism” of the “higher man. Sciabarra, Chris Matthew Fall However, the real question of The Fountainhead mananial, are man and society as Rand portrays them?

Well, that’s too derogatory against hipsters and goths.

Dominique, now Roark’s wife, enters the site to meet him atop its steel framework. Only one way to find out, and it’s about dense pages long. Search for ” The Fountainhead ” on Amazon.

I give it such a high rating because I like novels that truly make me think and reconsider my assumptions, whether I maintain or reject them as a consquence. It’s not so mznantial that this book is fanatical and fearsome but that it’s particularly terrible in every way including prose, plot, typeface, page number, etc.

Ogden responded by wiring to the head office, “If this is not the book for you, then I am not the editor for you. Should I Move On?

Todd, Andrew July 16, But Rand’s philosophy is embraced by every lobbyist on C Street as well as egomaniacal past Presidents, their advisors and their colleagues in Washington’s National Museum of Egomania. The New Ayn Rand Companion.