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My aim this month has been to have at least five thirty or forty-five minute lessons with a teacher on Skype each week and to do thirty minutes of self-study a day. This week I managed to have eight lessons and did the extra study five days out of seven. This was all after thirty minutes general discussion. I also gave him a round-up about my time at the Welsh National Eisteddfodthe annual Welsh cultural and social festival that I attended at on Thursday and Friday last week.

Good to practise the vocab again! No further study today…. I was prioritising working on the site and working my upcoming language learning methods course….

Sound and image quality not quite as good but at least we could both see and hear each other. Breakfast, shower, then ten mins prep before a thirty minute lesson with Eider she had postponed from Sunday, making today a two-lesson day.

Once again, I explained all about the Eisteddfod and showed off my footage of Geraint Ba,arka. No more Basque study today. I was flat-out working on the site and then for quite a few hours into the night finishing the Tuesday vlog, the first of two from the Eisteddfod.

It was a question of priorities and Basque was only in second place.

Woke at about 6. Felt exhausted and unrested… Did my usual trick of rolling around in bed for an hour or more trying to get back to sleep, then gave up and made a cup of tea and returned to the sheets and listened to a bit of Basque radio. A prime example of how pre-booking lessons helps keep you on track. Now for bkaarka run before breakfast. I put it off yesterday because if my too late start then.


Bakarka 4 by J.A. Mujika

Unsurprisingly, it then never happened. Listened through to the first audio recording to unit 32 and then took it down as a line-by-line dictation. The grammatical focus in this unit is reported speech. I covered these units about a year or more ago in the physical Basque classes I used to attend. Ten minutes in, Skype disconnected and I switched from the Mac to the iPhone. He was also giving the lesson by phone. To most of you it will be no revelation that you can have a language lesson on your phone, but it reminds ME how portable and flexible the location of an online lesson can be these days.

I read out three of the six texts and understood the thrust of each, though there was some new vocab.

Like yesterday, I felt pretty useless during the lesson. We were working on the subject of dating, with a certain amount of slang or idiomatic vocab. The preparation I did yesterday evening bakarak things feeling even worse, I guess.

Bakarka 4 : J.A. Mujika :

The grammar is bakarrka speech: Finished the evening with 30 mins prep of Bakarka 4 ch. Kicked off with a 30 minute run in the park, with Basque radio playing in my ears. Just come off a 30 minute Skype call with Eider. I use this platform to arrange most of my language teaching and exchanges.

One month Basque boost: third week diary

For the first fifteen minutes we were chatting. I was trying to explain that I called the police yesterday as some neighbours actually a block away were playing loud reggae music for several hours. It annoys me when people are inconsiderate of others.


The older I get, the less inclined I bakqrka to put up with it. Back to the lesson: We had worked on last week. I spend far too much time at my desk.

I find standing helps me focus and keeps me feeling more energised. For my thirty minutes self-study today, I worked from chapter one of the Arian B2. That way I can roll in a report on how the filming went. The second one will be out on Tuesday. Last week, too, I brought out the third in the Dr Popkins Method? This time I told the story of how I learned Russian at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union and German as the country was reunified.

Me, still struggling…Still making tons of mistakes. Still not feeling as fluent as I think I should be by this stage…. But, still in business…. Kick off diary and video. First week diary and video. Second week diary and video. Final week diary and video.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Wednesday 15th August 45 minute one-to-one lesson, 30 minutes self-study Woke at about 6.

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