Bedini Monopole 3 Group Experiment – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. This is a hands-on explanation of how to build a monopole energizer based on. John C. Bedini’s patent No. 6,, This system charges lead acid or gel cell. Bedini Monopole SSG – [5] Spool; 3” wide, ” internal, 3” flange. Bifilar Coil, turns (Longer coil = slower recharge between magnet pulse.

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Radiant Oscillator with Bedini monopole circuit modvid. The destination batteries are then discharged to 10 volts under working load to prepare for Test 4. Keep up the good work, much love and admiration — The CW. If you look at the wave on the scope you can see it almost gives back the input, Ben where are you now we need your input on the wave form.

Have done very little to document my progress in building a monopole energizer so here are some really poor quality pics to look at. The COP of the system is very high.

I’ve recently been directed hedini an excellent discussion on the Energetic Forum that was started by Imhotep. The two circuits are strung together in parallel.

You might find that the recovery pulse would widen out and possibly become larger than the drive pulse at least up to saturation of coil.

Again, John, that is a heck of a nice motor!

John Bedini Monopole Generators :: Nikola TESLA 3 generations later

Of course I should start with showing John Bedini’s Monopole schematic. Please post this to the E-Scribe List. John and I have run tests with prototype, solid-state, radiant chargers that draw ONE WATT 12 volts 80ma bedino the source battery and can charge a 7 amp-hour gel-cell battery from Jerry, Here is a little girl that I talked to about a motor and she built befini with a little omnopole on the phone, it generates power and runs at rpm.

I am a Swiss Tool and Die Maker, have therefor little knowledge in electronics. Playing around with some new lithium ion 12v batteries that i just made from 2 – Energizer 6volt E-squared non rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

  LEY 28338 PDF

Don I think you should put something in place of a blank page.

2011 Convention Video 5: Bedini Monopole Energizers 1, 3, 4, 10, 12, and 30 coilers.

I have to reitterate the fact that my oscillating setup seems to far surpass the radiant charging that the original desgin could produce. Charging three 3 destination batteries paralleled. Will be testing with 1 ohm resistor on secondary output.

I am very happy I got into it, I learned a lot already in a very short time and especially in a field I was totally ignorant in. Still have to really learn how to best tune the trigger resistance properly. The answer I got was — ‘It’s all on the website’ So I have compiled this information throughout the Amateur section for anyone who is interested in getting started. I actually had a near catastrophic situation where my wheel actually knocked a coil right off of the frame.

Had also been considering using a capacitive discharge in front of the secondary charging battery banks.

Compiled List of Information for SSG Circuit / Bedini Monopole

Using V Ah batteries. TheDude’s – SSG pulsed radiant light at modvid. Have now added two more coils to the wheel and I’m seeing better charging on the secondary banks now. If you hot melt glue your magnets on and beini paint the rim monopol fiberglass resin and hardener, that will be sufficient to hold them on from what i’ve seen.

Advise with manual is good one! John Bedini has now moved the science of radiant energy one step farther by discovering how radiant energy can be captured in CHEMICAL loads, such as the electrolyte of a battery!

The amp draw while self oscillating compared to when the wheel is pulsing is marginal at best. All times are GMT They seem to charge bsdini nice and fast on the circuit especially when the ignition coil is running on one of the SSGs.

Here i’ve hooked up the coil from Imhotep’s Radiant Oscillator to the power coil connection one of the bedini circuits.


I don’t want to spend a bunch of money only to have an unworking project that I learned nothing from. By the time i was done i was running around the ma region for all four coils! Last update of this section: Obviously the generator action from the turning wheel which also gives back more energy to the charging battery while the drive circuit is off in a monopole or bi-polar motor is missing here as there are monolole no magnets.

Just one strip of fiberglass doesn’t seem to have added too much weight to the rim.

When the machine is configured to function as a transformer, again, it slows down when delivering power, charges the capacitor to the voltage set by the windings ratio, and draws more power from the source battery.

Respectfully, Ben To link the article above use: For the coil, just use an old solder roll or a bobbin you get wire on, cut and fill the center hole with. Virtins Technology includes instructions for making probes in help menu of program note: To link the monoople above use: Peter and Aaron has done a wonderful job on this digital download.

I’m using 12v 4. All of you are wasting your good earned money gedini neo- magnets, dime store magnets will do just fine stacked together. For some discussion about this replication visit The Energetic Forum. Bedini Simple Monopole Motor Generator: This newly charged battery is then discharged by being connected to a sine-wave inverter and running a watt light bulb for 40 minutesjoules. The iron rods are ground on the ends monopile to deflect the magnetic fields, same as the coil pole piece, angles.

The magnets can not be too close together and must be spaced evenly around the wheel. Nature does not care what the coil looks like.