Betriebsbedingung/P. Betriebsbereich/EPS. Betriebsbereitschaft. Betriebsbeschreibung/P. Betriebsbuchhalter. Betriebsdaten. Betriebsdatenerfassung. Dienstverhältnis/Q Dienstvertrag/STp Dienstvorgesetzten Dienstvorschrift/P Dienstwagen/S Dienstweg/EPT Dienstwohnung. Juli at: . dieser dem Angebot eine kurze Betriebsbeschreibung beifügen, aus.

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The pump must not be used for the transfer of inflammable liquids such as diesel oil, petrol or similar liquids. Furthermore, it may cause the motor to be exposed to detrimental voltage peaks. A current- or voltage-operated earth-leakage circuit breaker can be used as extra protection.

Fit the terminal box cover. TM02 Abb. Before removing the terminal box cover, make sure that the electricity supply has been switched off and that it cannot be accidentally switched on.

On On The electricity supply has been switched on. In the case of single-pump operation, nrq cable between the pumps is to be removed. Isolationsfehler beseitigen und Schutzschalter wieder einschalten. If the signal output is to be used for fault or operating indication, an intermediate relay must be used.

Replace the four screws and tighten securely. The selector switch of pump 2 must have been set to betriebsbeeschreibung fault or operating indication in this operating mode.


None of betriebsbeschreibunh indicator lights are on. Die Pumpe wird mit falscher Drehrichtung laufen, falls sie eingeschaltet wird. Repair insulation defects and cut in the circuit breaker.

Remove the terminal box cover. The pump is operating. The pumps are factory-set to alternating operation as duty and standby pump. Electrical connection The electrical connection and protection should be carried out in accordance with local regulations.

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Never make any connections in the pump terminal box unless the electricity supply has been switched off. The current consumption at the individual speeds is stated on the pump nameplate. The function of the two betriebsbeschreigung lights and the signal output is shown in the following table.

The pumps operate alternately as duty and standby pump. Betriebsmeldung bei Doppelpumpen im Wechselbetrieb: Switch off the electricity supply to the pump by means of the external mains switch. The speed switch module has not been fitted.

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If the signal output of the duty pump is to be used for fault or operating indication, an intermediate relay must be used. The system cannot be vented through the pump. Remove the four screws holding the pump head. When the terminal box position has been changed, the pump nameplate must be turned so that the cutout points downwards.


Versorgungsspannung mit dem externen Netzschalter abschalten und zwei Phasen im Klemmenkasten der Pumpe vertauschen. Betfiebsbeschreibung out the speed switch module and insert it so that the number of the required speed is visible through the window in the terminal box, see fig. It is advisable to disconnect the cable from pump 1. Das Drehzahlschaltermodul ist nicht montiert. This allows water from a possible venting to escape.

Box 71 GR Peania Phone: Earthing or neutralization can be used for protection against indirect contact.

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The technical data in section 8. Die im Abschnitt 9. Inlet pressure The minimum pressures required at the pump inlet during operation can be found on page