Fooling with Words with Bill Moyers. Captures the vitality and diversity of contemporary poetry at America’s largest poetry festival. Almost two dozen poets share. A Celebration of Poets and Their CraftColeman BarksLorna Dee CervantesMark DotyDeborah GarrisonJane HirshfieldStanley Kunitz Kurtis LamkinShirley. Part I: FOOLING WITH WORDS. The act of making a poem requires that somebody’s listening,” says poet Mark Doty. And listen they do. More than 12, .

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I am about halfway through “The Language of Life. His interviews with poets clearly show his appreciation of the written word and of what makes each of them unique.

As an anthology it’s a lovely collection of poems; as a piece of journalism it shines too, all the interviews being thoughtful and insightful for poets, it turns bkll, can be counted on to say interesting thingsand Moyers’ introductory vignettes setting the scene nicely. Sure, I can put a bunch of words on a page in a poem-like shape, but only the true poets know how hard writing poetry is. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Trivia About Fooling with Word More than one poet in the book compared the art to jazz, which I liked – anyone can improvise ffooling a saxophone, but you have to learn to play before you can ofoling making things up that are beautiful and meaningful.

Refresh and try again.

Fooling with Words: A Celebration of Poets and Their Craft

It is an attempt to bring poetry closer to the average joe. Especially good for those of us who aren’t hugely familiar with poetry, because Moyers interviews poets in such a way as to make their poems more accessible than they’d be otherwise. Includes three or four poems by each. Bill shares a bit of his personal journey as a poetry lover, but mainly the book is a collection of interviews and poems with some of the poets Bill has interviewed at the Geraldine R.


Fooling with Words with Bill Moyers | Academy of American Poets

Jul 18, Clarissa Olivarez rated it really liked it. I stumbled upon this book in my grandmother’s collection. The poems and poets shared were amazing. I wish I had a sords memory so that I could mentally browse through it at will.

The book may be the least fun of the three, which is something I rarely say about books. Jul 09, Melissa Jeanette rated it it was amazing Shelves: Apr 28, Bill rated it it was amazing.

Bill Moyers Journal . Archive . Fooling with Words () | PBS

Nobody knows why they like to go there, they just feel good drinking her tea. A fabulous collection of interviews with some of the best contemporary poets. And I think this was accomplished.

Moyers wrote this while attending a poetry festival.

Fooling with Words with Bill Moyers

A fabulous book where Moyers interviews several poets who are at the Dodge Festival and speaks with them about their craft.

As a young person, I remembered, sitting in corners, alone writing words, coping with a sad, broken eith, poetry helped me cope and also saved me. I will treasure it.


Bill Moyers introduces poets and does and “interview” of sorts with bipl. Reading about it – hearing the poets talk fkoling their craft, about readings, and sharing their favorite poems – did a lot to restore my faith in good poet Fooling With Words is a collection of interviews of poets conducted by television journalist Bill Moyers at the Dodge Poetry Festival.

I often wade into the poetry at the library but often emerge feeling a failure.

Jun 17, Brandon rated it really liked it Shelves: Jul 30, Sue rated it it was amazing Shelves: I realize these are interview transcript This is foolibg collection of interviews of poets conducted by television journalist Bill Moyers at the Dodge Poetry Festival. When words enter my mind, they help me make sense of what is happening around me. Apr 03, Shane rated it it was amazing.

I would love to read ten volumes of this! May 06, Deb rated it it was amazing. Two phrases that caught my eye: Oct 05, Sydney rated it it was amazing. Not worrs I read it, some of it was interesting, and if you want to read it, I wouldn’t discourage you. Either I don’t get it or I feel stupid for not getting it.