Hope appeared out of nowhere, naked and alone, a woman without a past. The only thing she knows is that she is imbued with a strange power. It’s in her blood. Book Review: Shannon K. Butcher’s Blood Hunt This story is more of a bridge in that Butcher introduces a new species and new problems in. Series By Shannon K. Butcher; Books By Shannon K. Butcher. Most Popular Books Similar Authors To Shannon K. Butcher Blood Hunt. from: $ #5.

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Homebody by Joanna GainesHardcover 8. Again this series just keeps getting better and better. The scene I just mentioned with Nika and that whole drama with Carmen is perfect example of that. And in doing so needs to spend time with her before he can get her back to Dabyr stronghold and safety.

Blood Hunt: The Sentinel Wars – Shannon K. Butcher – Google Books

Logan is stunned by the power of Hope’s blood and thrilled by the possibilities. But before that happens bllood has to help her fins her friend Rory, a girl at the shelter who has disappeared. I wonder what Iain will do. Oh and another thing Overall, I say it’s better than book 1 of the series, still not perfect, but an enjoyable read.

Whatever they do, it’s always an exchange for blood. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Her earliest memories involve waking up alone and naked in an alley ten years prior, and she has no idea where she came from. She blurs the lines. I loved how Hope told Logan like it is several times thru out the book.


As such, she is very important to her race and very very rare. After all the build up with Hopes memory and them not being able to be together, view spoiler [I thought it was going to be some big “our races complement each other and we are meant to be together” similar to the Theronai couplesbut instead it was like, “yeah I guess you can have her. It is centered on Logan, a leader among the Sanguiner who has spent most of his life running Project Lullaby with Tynan.

Without explaining why he kept trying to do it! Overall, Blood Hunt is a great addition to an excellent series. Never before, though, has he been tempted to sample a female for himself.

The Story Steve and Pam are under attack at the warehouse and Logan has been diverted to rescue them.

Blood Hunt

Every time I think it’s gonna be enough they introduce new people and new potential couples and can’t wait for the huny one! And Maura was only mentioned hunr time around. She’s about ready to kill someone and it might not be Zillah at this rate.

On to the good stuff. Additional Details Series Volume Number. Their story is charming, Hope definitely goes after what she wants. I have been pretty ambivalent about the Sanguinar and their role in the Sentinel War series. But that doesn’t stop him from wanting desperately to keep her safe and comfortable.

Account Options Sign in. Butcher has penned more than eighteen titles, including the paranormal romance series, the Sentinel Wars; the action-romance series, the Edge; and a handful of romantic suspense novels and works of short fiction.


I read this September 5, and re-read February 5, While some readers may find this distracting because there is a lot going on, for me, this not only enhances the world building and the overall story arc we are finally given details of the third group of Sentinel warriors – butche Slayersit also makes it easier to identify with the different characters because they are so well developed across the various books.

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Normally I love the main story in these books, and while the side stories are good they sometimes too much and I want to get back to the main people. This book differs from the others at the main hero is not a Theroni, but a Sanguinar – a vampire.

I really enjoyed reading about Logan and his kind.

One is Logan, a Sanguinar demon-fighter who needs H Synopsis: It is a fast paced series, multi layered, bloos moves really quickly from one scene to another where the action rarely stops. The fo Fifth in the Sentinel Wars paranormal romance series revolving around several groups of sentinels charged with preventing demons from breaking through.

Until Project Lullaby is complete, sahnnon Sanguinar may have children nor divert resources from the project. He’s too sweet to be left alone.