; Unique zeolitic medium for selective removal of dissolved organic compounds through ionic and molecular adsorption, as well as passive uptake via the. I noticed that their newest product NeoZeo (zeolite media) is not herein by titling this document “The Brightwell Aquatics NeoZeo. Registered Member. bassking16’s Avatar. Join Date: Nov Location: Texas. Posts: Question Brightwell NeoZeo. Anybody have any.

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Originally posted by unbreakable i didnt get to see, but do you have to run your alklanity low in order to use the neo media? I’ve also found that the effects seem to wane after using it for awhile, and get better results dosing in spurts. Today I will add more zeolite rocks, increase the flow through them, and increase the amount of MB7 added as described in the above posted instructions.

I notice a lot more skimmate being produced – at least double. I hate that cause i dont have much room in my sump so this will not work then for me, and my system is not new and i do have a low nutrient system my po Now with the neozeo do u need some kind of reactor or can you use a mesh bag of some type my LFS sells brightwell so ill have check this out. I am in to my third week, and my results from just the Neozeo media, microbactor7, and now the Biofuel are quite noticeable already.

The solution is to supplement the system with organic C, which enables assimilation of the existing N and P into bacterial biomass. Weeks 1 and 2: Originally posted by just dave I sent it to everyone that asked ,and that sent an e-mail address ,except the Redskins fan.

I know it isn’t diatoms or cyano Anyway, has anyone tried Brightwell’s NeoZeo system without vodka and had good results. Month 31 I finally decided enough is enough Brighwtell have to get this under control. I also kept a pair of clowns in there and didn’t do any waterchanges.

Brightwell Aquatics – NeoZeo

I forgot to mention that I had my halides turned up to 8 hrs per day for about 3 months, and dialed them back to 7 hrs per brightsell a week ago. Originally posted by LooseHip If you don’t mind me asking, which 5 products are you using?


I have one dose of Biodigest left from my Prodibio and wil do that most likely today when I add the first batch of neozeo media to the eheim.

However, the vodka dosing completely and thoroughly browned out all my SPS corals. The reward for investing the time required to attain this balance all water parameters and lighting being optimal is typically corals that exhibit spectacular coloration. Around the 6 month mark I started using several Vrightwell products, I was able to achieve great colors, but also many cyano blooms.

If you’re seeing this message, you haven’t met them yet. After dosing the Potassion for several brightwwell my color has improved especially on my Montipora. Other than this, I will following the dosing schedule starting tonight. Add g of NeoZeo beozeo each US-gallons The only cases of RTN I’ve seen in this tank. It follows that an aquarium with efficient extraction of ammonia before it is utilized in the nitrification process will have a very limited brigjtwell for nitrate accumulation.

I ditched out on the nfozeo and MB7 at the beginning of May, and switched to weekly siphon removal of cyano. I sent it to everyone that asked ,and that sent an e-mail address ,except the Redskins fan. I don’t necessarily think the Biofuel is better, just that it is a different type of carbon source so maybe I am getting better results because of that. For example, dose once every 2 weeks as manufacturer suggests for 5 or 6 doses 10 neoaeo 12 weeksthen take a week break, then dose again.

Conversely, in a system with relatively high concentrations of nitrate or phosphate e. I posted the begining of the 18 pages of their instructions. Anybody have any luck with it? Find More Posts by billsreef. Find More Posts by bawla I happen to have several bags of Zeovit brand zeolite media it’s all the same regardless of brand kicking around, so I’m going to put it to use. I thought this may interest some of you. Brightwell Aquatics NeoZeo method.

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Biological Nutrient Limitation Microbes and Organic Carbon The role that microbes play in a zeolite filtration method is extremely important: Today I notice slight, but definite improvement in cyano. Nobody has used this?

The 65 is gone the is in, click the red house for the I agree with brighrwell that the manual is not the best. It seems like some of the supplements from Brightwell will compliment Prodibio quite nicely especially the Vitamin C, Replenish neozo the KoralColor products.


Nutrient Limitation As previously mentioned, controlling the concentrations of nutrients, and their precursors, in reef aquaria is extremely important; brighgwell long-term overall health of the system is highly reliant upon it.

Of course it is way too early to have any results as of yet, so I’ll be tagging along. A percentage of the microbes form biofilms on inanimate objects often appearing as a brownish film on the panes of the aquariumwhich can be brushed off and neoseo by aquarium inhabitants and skimmer intakes, again exporting nutrients from the system; we will return to the topic of biofilm shortly.

Haven’t done a waterchange in 3 weeks I also lost 3 large frags mini brightwel to RTN in this time. Near Cleveland, OH Posts: I didn’t achieve much progress and blamed the live rock leeching nutrients from months of neglect. Be assured that the information provided below is meant to be a comprehensive introduction to the method, but that there are bound to be exceptions or conditions presenting themselves within specific aquaria that necessitate some degree of divergence from general dosing recommendations made; therefore, it is up to each aquarist to know their system well, for this method relies heavily on attention to detail specifically the impact that individual components utilized have on the appearance of aquarium inhabitants, and this only comes with time and experience.

The process hrightwell be thought of as nutrient recycling and export, and in that regard it provides some of the same benefits that a refugium housing macroalgae provides; brightwdll main difference is that the nutrients assimilated into microbial biomass are at least partially available to corals, which is not the case when it comes to nutrients assimilated into macroalgae tissue. Skimmer is producing twice as much skimmate of the same tint.

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Kinda makes me think the increase in halide photoperiod was to blame because of the timing, not I’m not sure.