Congratulations on your choice of the Bronica SQ-A single lens reflex Although instructions following are based on a standard combination consisting of the. View and Download BRONICA SQ-A manual online. SQ-A Digital Camera pdf manual download. View and Download Zenza Bronica SQ-A instructions manual online. Zenza Bronica SQ-A Single lens Reflex Camera. SQ-A Film Camera pdf manual download.

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Waist-Level Finder and Interchanging Magnifiers. Unscrew bronida set screw on the time exposure lever until further revolution is not possible, which will permit the lever to be moved freely.

The shutter cannot be released with the dark slide inserted. A battery check button is located by the shutter knob along with a cable release socket. First, insert the U-shaped ring into the neck strap eyelet, as illus- trated.

The expo- sure counter will also change from “S” to “1”, vronica the shutter will also be bromica. If you use Pay Pal, use the link below. The drive button should be used, in this case, to advance the film one frame. To install the focusing screen, nest the protrusion at the rear end of the screen in a corresponding groove on the camera main body.

When C is set to the index, with mankal mirror lock-up switch lever, however, the lever will not return to N with the next film advancing and shutter cocking action but will stay locked up any number of times.

Seal the exposed film and return it to its original box until development. Attachment and Removal of Film Backs If winding is not possible, all preparations for taking pictures have been completed. Don’t touch the surface with your fingers or a cloth. If a red-colored LED lights up at the rear end of the shutter speed scale window, the battery ,anual the electronic shutter is load ed properly and there is suffi cient power for operations.


Then, wipe it dry with a soft, dry cloth. When the starting point, or arrow mark, on the leader is aligned with the triangular start-mark on the top left side of the film holder, stop rotation. The camera has the ability to use a motor drive.

When multiple exposure mode is enabled, the right of the viewfinder now displays an square indicator. Approximately frames can be exposed when fresh alkaline-manganese batteries are used at normal ambient temperature.

Bronica SQ-A Instruction Manual

The film back dark slides are now locked when not attached to the camera. However, since the film will not be advanced to the next frame, in this case depress the drive button to advance the film.

In general, more exposure rather than less seems to be a safe guide. Simply shift the film back up slightly and pull it away. Standard type, supplied with camera, manal split-image rangefinder spot surrounded by microprism ring and full-area matte screen.

Use a R filter or equivalent with an infrared black-and white film.


Care Of The Sq-a A Single SQ-Am can be used by many in the beonica or at home, by using additional film backs. Privacy policy About Camera-wiki. Click here to see different screens. Depress the shutter release button gently, with the ball of the finger. Next, thread the neck strap through the plastic ring cover and brohica U-shaped ring and pull it out, as illustrated.

First, remove the finder attached to the camera main body. Use the above address for a check, M.

The use of the multiple exposure lever will, however, permit you to cock the shutter, in such instances. This page may not be sold or distributed without the expressed permission of the producer I have no connection with any camera Co.


Color and black-and-white, in different film speeds, can be shot, as required. The focusing hood will automatically be folded down. The film back adopted some of the dark slide features of gronica models.

Mirror lock-up possible with the mirror lock-up switch lever on the camera main body, with. To attach the finder, align the front end of the finder with the front end of the finder frame on top of the camera main body, bronicw shown. Simply rotate the magnifier frame in the counter-clockwise direction to unscrew.

Construction Of Film Back 4. Red-colored LED indicator lights up at the majual end of the shutter speed scale window when the battery check button is depressed for checking the electronic shutter bronic power source. When the shutter release button is depressed, in this condition, the shutter will be released any number of times without advancing the broica.

Exposure compensation is also on the newer SQ-i backs. But, if winding is possible, rotating the film winding crank until it stops will automatically take care of the incomplete action, even if the shutter is uncocked or film is not advanced. Butkus, 29 Lake Ave. Lens diaphragm Fully automatic instant reopening lens diaphragm action; equal-distant aperture scale graduations.

The back cover will automatically close and lock. This page is copyright byM.

Bronica SQ A instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free manuals

On-line camera manual library This is mnual full text and images from the manual. Then, gently lower the finder and, when well-seated, slide forward until it locks. Shutter Release Button A.