Hispid beetles Brontispa longissima are palmivorous insects (Creighton , Lever , in He et al. /06). The larvae and adults are. The coconut hispid beetle Brontispa longissima (Gestro) was accidentally introduced into Western Samoa in Consequently in several beneficial . PDF | On May 1, , Mario Navasero and others published The Coconut Leaf Beetle, Brontispa longissima (Gestro) (Chrysomellidae.

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As the leaflets separate when the fronds expand, the adults move to attack younger leaves. Body color varies from reddish-brown to almost black; sometimes elytra are brown or black, or have a spindle-shaped black marking on the elytral suture.

In the Philippines, Brontispa feasted on the most ubiquitous palm, the coconut. Current status of key coconut Hispine beetles in Sri Lanka, In: Both the temperature and nutritional supplement affected the longevity of adults, and the mean longevity of female adults was longer than that of male adults.

Papua and New Guinea Agricultural Journal 7: Further fractionation and compound isolation, particularly of the minor components of botanical extracts, will hopefully reveal a potent phytochemical or synergistic mixture that will be comparable to or even better than synthetic insecticides.

The battle against Brontispa continues

All the plants were grown using the same cultural practices, including drip irrigation and fertilization brontlspa needed. Quarantine measures therefore are of the highest importance to prevent spread of the pest with coconut seedlings, palm trees and leaf materials that may be transported by the longissiima.

Effect of different extracts to egg hatchability of Brontispa longissima, assessed in laboratory with a dipping test. Rennell, a variety from the isolated Renell island in the Solomon Islands, is scarcely attacked, whereas varieties from Malaysia such as FMS Federated Malay States and dwarf red and yellow palms are highly susceptible.

A method of computing the effectiveness of an insecticide.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Sweet resources such as honey, sucrose, and glucose, especially honey, could prolong the longevity of adults, increase the fecundity and parasitism of females effectively.


However, this method is expensive and will not greatly affect the Brontispa population as a whole unless mature palms are also treated Tothill, The upper surface is concave, bearing many irregularly placed transparent areas and the ventral surface is flat. Frequent lobgissima of high volumes of spray, in excess of that required to provide satisfactory levels of control, caused slight phytotoxicity; growth and the production of new fronds was retarded.

Brontispa | Hispine Pests of Palms

This lojgissima was last edited on 13 Novemberat The earwig Chelisoches morio has been reported as a predator of B. The training exercise is on-going and will be continued until end of project in August Observation of naturally infested coconuts and other related species of plants are very critical for the Plant Protection Division due to inadequate information sources, expertise and equipments.

With an estimated lower developmental threshold of This procedure must be conducted over a large area at one time to reduce re-infestation from neighbouring palms and must be repeated fairly often to be effective. Perrier, Syagrus romanzoffiana Cham. Brontispa longissima Gestro or coconut leaf beetle entered into the Philippines through the shipments of ornamentals. Parasitoid establishment on the inhabited islands of Maamigili and Fenfushi appears more difficult, despite the release broontispa large numbers of adult parasitoids and mummies on both islands.

Insect control in Western Samoa with particular reference to the present state of biological and integrated control. Control measures include pesticidesand biological control agents such as parasitic wasps e.

Hispine Pests of Palms

Life history notes Adult B. Extract was diluted by acetone and concentration ranged from 0. Outbreaks of Brontispa occur quite regularly in east Java, especially near Blitar, where about 55, trees were damaged in three districts during the dry season of Of major international concern, however, was the significant risk of the lingissima spreading to nearby countries such as India and Sri Lanka.

Moreover, insecticide resistance has developed in B. Occurrence of Brontispa longissima Gestro in Hong Kong. Current status of Brontisppa infestation in Myanmar, In: Nova Guinea New Series8: Full colour posters containing important information regarding the pest was printed in both A2 and A3 formats; made in English and Dhivehi languages.


Leaves dipped in 10 mL acetone were used as control. There is merit in considering the introduction of suitable strains of this parasite from Java or from other countries where they are now established, where B.

The Occurrence of Resistance to Pesticides in Arthropods. The response of B. In Papua New Guinea, coconut, sago palms, areca or betel palm Areca catechuroyal palms Roystonea regiaoil palm and ornamental palms are attacked.

In anda strain of T. Young palms less than four years old are particularly attractive to the beetle and at greater risk of infestation; the young leaves of older trees are firmer and less suitable as breeding habitats FOA Evaluation of plant protectants against pest insects. A review of the biological control of insects and other pests in south-east Asia and the Pacific region. The hispid sometimes occurred together with AleurodicusOryctes and palm weevils, which together killed numerous palms, while other trees were in such poor condition that they did not produce fruit for many years.

The pest could not be detected after three applications of M. Severe Brontispa attacks were reported in nearly all regions of south-east Sulawesi in The application of fungicide resistant entomopathogenic green muscardine fungus in Taiwan: Eggs are laid in the still-folded leaflets of both young and mature coconut palms.

Asecodes hispinarum Boucek, an important larval endoparasitoid of Brontispa longissima Gestrowas introduced into Hainan Province of China from Vietnam in March, The free moving pupa is found in the unopened fronds and adults emerge in days. Diaphos packet of 30 G per tree was enough for controlling the beetles efficiently for two to three months. Forest Ecology and Management, 39