BTG – General about this document This document is a complement to the ordinary MBT User manual (M) and Service. MPS & PPS Manual / Pneumatic Pulp Sampling Valves. MCS . BTG’s MEK is undisputedly the best known, best reputed consist-. Item 1 – 8 Manual loading of probe signal settings. . Based on BTG’s patented Peak Method (see section ) of optical anal- ysis, the TCT MEK

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Is the inspection cover properly tightened? Do not set too long a time constant. The other models use low pressure water or no flushing water at all.

If battery voltage level is low, it is shown on the display when the card is inserted. These FB 23000 in diagram are not printed at a normal printout.

Consistency – BTG – Raising your productivity

It also includes important information about the dimensions of the components, including working space and installation clearance requirements.

Pre programmed transmitter data 5. Position the new card with the front facing the front of the terminal and insert the card fully into the slot. Profile the weld-in stud to the pipe dimensions by reference to the length of the measuring chamber, so that no part of the stud extends into the pulp line. Nominal reading should be ; adjustable range: AUX is an input for special functions.

BTG Model MEK 2300 Consistency Transmitter

Since the terminal is an electrical instrument, it should be treated with care and not subjected to abnormally rough treatment. Refer to the Service manual and section 4, item 5. Turn the brake ring to each end stop and check that the torque wheel springs back to a central position. The motor earth should be connected correctly and checked.


The display should now light up. This calibration option works in exactly the same way as the multipoint calibration described above.

User manual of JCT in English_百度文库

Strip the cable covering insulation to expose the shortest possible length of the bth wires. The pressure should be kept higher than the rating according to applicable regulations. Updated calibration works just like the normal multi-point calibration, with one exception: The pipe must be inserted perpendicular to the suction stud.

Use only parts which have been manufactured or approved by BTG. The output signal is linearized from this curve as indicated by the horizontal scales, i. When the installation is traditionally made according to Fig 36, where the dilution water is injected before the pulp pump, the pressure drop across the control valve is equal to the bttg between btt dilution water pressure and the height of the pulp chest.

To enter the calibration constants follow the instructions in section 3. Each type of sensing element produces a characteristic signal level FEEDBACK when it rotates in water, but when the mains power frequency affects the motor, the speed of the sensing element will vary and the signal will change somewhat; a 60 Bty power supply gives a higher signal than a 50 Hz supply.


Press Send data to transfer the calibration to the transmitter. Store it in its plastic wallet if it is not fitted in the terminal.

MBT-2300 consistency transmitter – B T G density measures MBT-2300

Predefined calibration curves see section 3. Byg you do reset, the Set point, Angle and Feedback raw signal values will be displayed after a while.

Press Backup data and then Menu Communication Terminal for the relevant measuring range to transfer kanual data from the backup memory to the editing memory in the terminal. A change to the feedback adjustment changes the setting of the transmitter! Outer diameter x pipe thickness OD x t. The three calibration constants K0, K1 and K2, and the special correlation factor r2, also provide a guide. If the transmitter is delivered from factory before november – wait min.

Wiring the main power supply screw terminal: Trend Btt 20 Damp mA 1s 4. The dilution water pipe should have the same or larger dimension as the valve bore to prevent the valve from being plugged by pulp at water pressure loss. Measuring Span can be set as desired, but is limited by the measuring span of the sensing element. This can occur at low consistencies manul, in particular, with pulp grades that have a low shear force, e.