Chciałbym położyć w dwóch pokojach tapete na ścianę.W jednym pokoju posiadam kominek-kozę a w drugim piec teraz pytanie. May 18, Categories Budownictwo Tags budowa, remont domu Budowa cokołu pieca kaflowego Cokół jest dolnym ograniczeniem pieca kaflowego. Budowa Pieca kaflowego: Obudowa wykonana z kafli (krem połysk). Wkład kominkowy BLANKA 8. Elementy konstrukcji stalowej/nośnej wkładu – tylna ściana i.

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Filter by post type All posts. Log in Sign up. Wentor – Piotr Wentlant company was founded kaflowegoo year and within a few years became a leading player on the Polish fireplace market.

Thanks to this factors, our company is well-known and respected on the fireplace market in whole Europe. We provide to our customers: As a very well prospering company, we have won many awards, also from an exclusiveness for the biggest in Europe fireplaces, stoves and boilers brand, MCZ Kadlowego – Italy. Grid View List View.


Our goal is to provide the highest standard of the customer service on Polish and European market. JavaScript is required to view this site. Our goal is to return to traditional solutions, independent from external power budoqa, therefore alongside electric cooker we are to have tiled stove and bread oven.


We are an importer of the following companies: Corridor on the first floor is to be finished in a similar manner, so that basically each and every room will have one decorative wall. This time presenting our main hall and staircase.

One kavlowego the main objectives, which we took into account while designing this installation, is to rely as little as possible on electrical power supply, complex and technological advanced systems and similar novelties, stuffed with electronic. Welcome to Wentor company! Logowanie Rejestracja Wentor in English. Most recent Most popular Most recent.

Kominki i piece wolnostojące –

Thorma — podad lat tradycji. Human Buloi twins OCs.

Kkaflowego 7 lat na korpus oraz 2 lata na szamot i ruszt. Piecyki Cadel – tanie i wygodne ogrzewanie! Currently, we cooperate with more than companies from Poland and Europe. All companies that wishing to cooperate with us are welcome to contact us either by: The owner of the company, Piotr Wentlant, believes kqflowego the respect for the customer and conductive cooperation conditions are most important.


Dynamic progress thanks to innovative, as for the fireplace and boilers market, ideas and development of the production.

Molo w Orłowie: od drewnianej przystani, po miejsce oświadczyn

At this moment Wentor is working in two dimensions of trade: The customer can always discuss their doubts or simply get an advice. WENTOR has a m2 warehouse which allows the constant availability of our products for all our customers. First image is a watercolor portraying our house from the side of the garden. Another visualization portrays inside of our house, featuring kitchen which is the heart of this home behind a wall made of firebrick, we will have a tiled masonry heater, another source of heat.

Years of planning and hours of heated piecs over the phone are finally materialized on this piece of paper: And the last from this series of watercolors.

Wentor company focused on the wholesale.