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If you have any doubts about that last statement, you need to read this book. They also fail to expose the information they steal through their search engine, applications, email service, and Street View vehicles, most of which is taken just through use of sponsored websites.

按Udi Manber下载图书 – Page 4 – Free E-Book Download

Jan 06, Erica rated it it was ok. Dec 12, David Geller rated it it was amazing.

There was some repetition points made more than once with the same evidence but the way the book is broken into Parts, I see why he did it: Cleland proves the world’s 1 brand untrustworthy. And it’s super repetitive. There are a few areas in which I am in technical disagreement with the author such as his view on open source software, as there are some solid and beneficial open source utilities on the marketbut it is a beneficial read for consumers to be aware of how much of their privacy they have given up by utilizing some online services in order for them to make choices of services that gives the consumer more choice and control in their overall online privacy.

Styling himself as “the world’s leading Google critic” in his busqke jacket bio, Scott Cleland certainly has an ax to grind. Some of it is surprising, and some of it is shocking, but at all times, this book will hold your interest. Hypervisor Introspection Saiba mais. Destruaa rebuttal to that, though, is usually that Google were the first ones to break the standard and the others simply followed in their trail.


Lists with This Book. And although there is a wealth of material, key sources like the Electronic Frontier Foundation https: Another potentially damaging habit of Google’s is their reputation for w or using copyrighted or patented material without permission and bracing for any backlash detrua may occur once the rightful owner discovers the theft of their protected material.

Rob Brough rated it it was amazing Nov 10, Bloqueador de adware Deixe seu Mac livre de adware, programas highjackers, barras de ferramentas indesejadas e outros add-ons de navegadores.

Search & Destroy: Why You Can’t Trust Google Inc

Privacidade de Conta Verifique se suas contas online foram envolvidas em qualquer vazamento de dados. I loved how detailed and clear this book is. Janine rated it really liked destruw Dec 08, They preach transparency and open information in every area of life, government, and business, and yet remain close-lipped about their own practices. Google was budque accessing personal residential wireless networks through their Street View application mapping, later reluctantly bsque up the data including user names, passwords, and personal files for review and later stating that though the information was supposedly acquired accidently, the company would not destroy the information unless required by law.

I think it would have been better served by an entire section devoted to the philosophical background of Brin, Page, and others at Goog I wanted to like this book more; I think the author had some interesting and relevent points to make on the role of Google in the future of technological development.

Marcus Goncalves rated it really liked it Jun 28, He exposes the unethical company hiding behind a Don’t Be Evil slogan. Bsque pick and choose which sites get displayed in their search results based solely on their own biases and loyalties, causing some to lose business due to becoming buried deatrua numerous other, similar businesses.


With no remorse, Google takes their time removing the material, but the damage is already done and irreversible. The title of this book may sound like conspiracy theory tripe, but the book is too well documented to be theory.

Lastly, the author takes you into the future and gives a dim view of what the world could come to if Google gets it’s way and is allowed to continue on the path they’re on. Google has been allowed, busqke, to destra away with things, to knowingly ignore or push past legal boundaries, leaving a path that other companies might follow, and then when called on it say “Oops, we’ll fix that” meaning “eventually”.

With the quick comparison chart below, Btdefender makes it easy to find your perfect security solution. Yaro Meer rated it really liked it Sep 23, Curtis Dean rated it did not like it Jan 14, Antifurto Localize, bloqueie, limpe wipe ou envie uma mensagem para seu dispositivo Android remotamente.

Books by Scott Cleland. Bitdefender Family Pack The whole back of the book about 72 pages is Bibliography and End note references.

In three parts, the author runs through the laundry list of crimes against humanity this company gets away with on a daily basis, all in the name of profit and in the effort to monopolize all of the world’s information. I have to admit that by the end I was laughing out loud at some of the conclusions, though. And Google’s power depends almost entirely on the blind trust it has gained through masterful duplicity.