The Caberg Justissimo has been in production probably longer than any other motorcycle helmet. It’s approaching a ten year anniversary and. All Caberg Styles. Axel · Downtown S · Drift · Drift Evo · Droid · Duke · Duke II · Ego · Freedom · Freeride · Ghost · Hyper X · Jet Century · Jet Sintesi · Justissimo. Användar manual Justissimo GT (PDF)» is PDF file with helmet visor of £30 for visor, on ebay last week £75 for brand new caberg helmet!).

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The current iteration, the Justissimo GT, is still one of the best-looking flip-up helmets to be found. After all this time, the Justissimo can still outperform the competition in this price range, a testament to its excellent basic design.

Kit Bluetooth features

The distribution issue was as complex and difficult back then as it is today, and for a variety of reasons, importation ceased. The ground-breaking helmet was improved and evolved and changed over the years and it is still one of the most popular flip-up helmets in Europe today, with something approaching a half-million sold to date. Its stylish good looks, solid construction and feature mustissimo make the Justissimo GT a leader in its price range.

Some motorcycle helmets come and go so fast that their names are only a fleeting memory. That it still can outperform just about any flip-up I can think of caberf near its price speaks volumes about the excellent basic design. Yet all of the core design elements from its beginnings are still there. The paint and moving parts on this one are perfect and the split lines are nice and tight. The helmet has a solid feel — especially so for a flip-up. See the Summary Table at the bottom of the page for a description of our rating system.

What I can say is that the size large Justissimo GT of has a comfortable fit. I think the size large fits just as expected for a large, but like the original Manuao, the internal front-to-back dimension feels shorter than average. The padding is a bit thinner than average, but overall it is still comfortable. So our size large may have the smaller shell in the largest head size, which can sometimes result in a slightly thinner than normal padding to make up the difference.

But mine slip right in, no problem. The helmet feels solid and it just has an overall ambience of quality that is most definitely missing from any other flip-up helmet anywhere near this price range. The ear pockets are very shallow, which may account for the ease of use with eyeglasses.

Caberg Justissimo GT Review

A molded plug on the lower left-hand side of the helmet can be used to install the intercom module but the shell and liner design along the bottom of the helmet makes for an easy fitment of other types of intercom helmet mounts. As a result, the Justissimo GT has average to better-than-average vertical visibility and about average in the horizontal plane. The face shield is thinner than average for some reason, at 1.

As you can see in one of the photos below, there are several pieces to be unfastened before this can be accomplished. We suspect that had the Justissimo been designed more recently, the system would be much simpler and with fewer parts. The face shield is said to have been treated with an anti-scratch coating. Despite the slight air gap along a few millimeters of the top gasket, the face shield seals well and it has a small first opening position for defogging.


The rotating flip-up visor works well and has a solid feel. A large rubberized button in front, just under the chin vent, is easy to find and to use. The visor has a few slight detents as it raises and a stronger detent when it reaches the topmost position, so it stays in place when lifted although riding with the visor in the raised position is not recommended.

This is another first for a motorcycle helmet as far as we know, and the system seems to give the Justissimo GT a solid feel when the visor is locked. The Justissimo was one of the very first motorcycle helmets to include what we now consider a modern internally rotating sun visor, operating through an external lever on the helmet shell. It rotates smoothly and it can be stopped in an intermediate position.

It is both functional and beautiful…or should we say stylish? Push back on the cover and it moves towards the rear of the helmet, opening a V-shaped channel on either side. The air moves into the helmet with little noise and it flows above the liner and out the rear exhaust vent, which also has a matching smoke-color edge.

The chin vent is just as stylish; in fact, we think it sets off the entire helmet and makes the Justissimo GT one of the nicest-looking flip-up helmets any money can buy. The dimpled front vent holes hide a sliding cover that is operated with the red horizontal three-position slider.

The entire assembly is highlighted by a very nice brushed metal surround, which accents the tapered chin area and gives the helmet a posh look. The chin vent does not flow air directly through the chin bar unfortunately — another artifact of the age of the design probably. It does flow the air up on to the back of the face shield through a vent along the top center portion of the chin bar, and the air can be felt when the vent is open.

A built-in vinyl chin curtain is included and this helps to keep noise levels down as well as preventing most of the unwanted air flow from underneath the helmet.

That unique top vent does a good job at keeping noise levels low, and the close fit along the bottom of the helmet, along with the chin curtain, does the same for the lower portion of the helmet. In fact, the only issue is the wind hitting the narrow edge at the front of those large side plates. The lower-frequency noises that can be generated around the bottom edge of the helmet seem to be well controlled, so not problem there.

And I have also noticed that justixsimo top vent works well with a windscreen of the type canerg can direct turbulent air at or towards the top of the helmet. Note that our helmet evaluations are a combined effort of several riders over time on different types of motorcycles with cabsrg without windscreens. Evaluators wear correctly fitted, high quality ear plugs even when justissi,o motorcycle intercom systems. Always protect your hearing when riding a motorcycle. This Justissimo GT in size large weighed in at grams 3 lbs.

This is about average for a flip-up helmet with the same features.

The comfortable fit of the Justissimo GT masks the weight and the helmet feels nicely balanced when riding. It also does not exhibit any undue buffeting or movement. In fact, I was a bit surprised that the Justissimo weighed more than I thought. The strap has a sewn-in metal D-ring to lock the helmet to a motorcycle. When all is said and cbaerg, the fact that the Caberg Justissimo GT looks better than just about any other cabeeg helmet out there and also functions better than most of them in and above its price range is a testament to its inherently strong design.


After looking for many months, competitor helmets just do not meet the quality and fit of a Justissimo. The fit is excellent, after this many years the materials have not broken down, liner materials are still good as new.

Vent system is the best I have worn in any helmet. After years of use the release mechanism works as well as the first day I ever used it, drop down visor works perfectly and to this day does not have a scratch on it.

Caberg Justissimo GT Review – webBikeWorld

I love the justixsimo face helmet. Wore it about an hour. Loved the ability to open it and cool off or holler over to a riding buddy. I put it on the next day and had to take it off in less than 30 seconds. Trying helmets on is a lot like trying ski boots on: Not a perfect fit, but it is comfortable enough to take for a two cabeg road trip once in a while.

Helmets Bluetooth Kit – Just Speak – Caberg

Personally I think all the helmets available to the average motorcyclist are far too heavy and may actually constitute a danger in themselves, not that I would consider riding without one.

I have tried to buy a non flip front helmet but I simply cannot get my glasses to slide in to locate properly, and this is after specifically buying frames with slimmest czberg I could!

Justissimo there is a case for a rethink in helmet protection and design? They were specifically designed to fit inside helmets and have been used by the U. Also, note that helmet weight is only one factor; cabreg, balance and aerodynamics are all important and can help to make a helmet feel comfortable when riding.

In my years of riding, the only thing about helmets that I have come manuzl believe is that lighter is better. Even though the difference between the lightest helmets and the heaviest is less than 2 pounds, it makes a material difference. There were lighter helmets on the market, but I did not want to pony up the extra money for what I felt would not be a big difference.

I was completely wrong. Which brings me full circle to the flip up helmets.

caberf So what benefits are you buying? I can communicate completely in my full face helmets and it is not so difficult to remove the helmet to have a drink or snack.

Just my two cents. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by justiseimo. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Continuous improvements and evolution through the years have kept it fresh. The rear exhaust vent on the Caberg Justissimo GT. Caberg Justissimo GT Helmet.

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