be able to return. Thanks for downloading the brass audition packet. To download, click the links below. If you have questions, contact [email protected] org. The exercises in this packet are designed to help you develop a solid All individual battery auditions will consist of the exercise packet, along with a 2 minute. AUDITION PACKET. Cadets Front Ensemble Audition Packet Introduction Hello, and thank you for your interest in the Cadets Front Ensemble.

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Especially set since most set spots are given to one individual. Shadow registration is open https: It says to download the Vanguard audition packet but that we don’t have to prepare an excerpt from the packet and instead can prepare and excerpt of our choosing. It’s hard to make any drum corps. It makes you better by getting direct feedback from the staff in real time, gives the staff a better idea of your skill level, and most aydition, it helps you get a feel for how things are run there. No racism, homophobia, sexism, rape jokes, or other bigotry.

Especially the lower tier cadetss.

Auditions Megathread : drumcorps

I saw a video of a dude tuning while in the middle of playing on the drum he was hitting packt was pretty crazy. Thanks for the Info man, I really appreciate it! Maybe ways I could learn them now, if possible? I recently auditioned for a conductor position in California and didn’t make it to the Corps I wanted to originally. Auditioned for dci for the first time and got a callback at bluecoats! My best advice is to keep coming back and show the staff you are committed to everything they ask of you.


Colts Youth Organization – Colt Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps

Our visual tech is an assistant caption head at cadetd corps and the rest of our staff all have at least a year of top 12 corps experience. Why do we need to buy the Vanguard audition packet then? If you love bass play bass, remember if you get the contract you’ll be playing that instrument everyday for 2 months.

I will get the paper and attach a picture of it here in a little bit! Please keep cadtes mind that an audition, or being cut is NOT necessarily a comment on your skills, and absolutely is not a comment on your value or worth.

Please refrain from asking the community about one’s ability to march with any given medical complication.

Why do we bother having an audition megathread if people just post their questions directly to the subreddit anyways? If anyone’s going cadet go to any of the Guardians camps, I live in cadefs town they’re located in this year also auditioning again so let me know if you have any questions, especially about the town itself. Could you name a few?

I just got a contract for being part of the bassline at my local WGI group to get the experience of marching somewhere before auditioning for a corps. No leaks of any kind allowed.

Colt Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps

Continued harassment will result in being banned. Submit a new link. You are good enough at marching and playing, you are dedicated to the program, and you are easily teachable. Can I get some input cadefs some Genesis and Troopers vets what it’s like marching at those two corps??

Or anything I should specifically work on? Carolina Gold registration is open https: Are there any corps looking for front ensemble spots? Usually the corps will let you return home for graduation if you want, otherwise the school can just mail you the diploma if you don’t want to go. You may make the cut one year and not the next. Planning on auditioning for snare. That shows them you are flexible to change, and that is a huge part of drum corps.


Which DCI open and world corps have Timpani spots? These types of questions belong in the hands of medical professionals and corps staff. Any help is appreciated.

My question is, would bdb still be really worth it without the tour? This auditoon the only year I’d consider auditioning. Without audition packets, all you can do is keep strengthening your body pushups, sit-ups, etc and playing ability long tones, lip slurs and adjust accordingly once the audition packets come out and specific any variations in technique.

If you can learn their technique quickly through the weekend you should be fine. Our recruiting ccadets is at https: Could anyone going to the Tampa camp for BAC let me know what their visual auditon is, I dont see it in the packet.

Sure it’s possible that you can find a 1st year conducting position but it might be better worth your time cadetx money to just go for an instrument spot. Is anyone else auditioning for the Surf cymbal line?