The Canon of Judo is a book that was originally published in , and written by Kodokan 10th dan, Kyuzo Mifune (). The book covers almost all of. The Canon of Judo is a book was originally published in , and written by Kodokan 10th dan, Kyuzo Mifune (). The book covers almost all of the . Results 1 – 22 of 22 Canon of Judo: Principle and Technique by Kyuzo Mifune and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at.

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The Long-lost “bible of judo” is back in print after almost 30 years. Really within about fifty years, a small arena of mat room developed to a gigantic mat hall with trainees numbering several hundred thousands.

The Canon of Judo – Wikipedia

Caonn Mifune began Judo as a junior cnaon student, and in was awarded the rank of 10th dan. The images quality is quite good they are very oldthere are some difficulties with ground fighting techniques because the practitioners work very close.

In kudo was awarded 10th dan at the age of sixty-two. About then, there lived at Daikucho, Nihonbashi, Fukuda Hachinosuke, once a master at the Institute of Martial Arts in the Tokugawa era and a celebrated master of Tenshin Shinyo School who unable to earn his livelihood by teaching Jujutsu only took in the bone-setting as his occupation.

He discusses the role of competition in Judo, and the purpose of free practice, randori, and explains that it is an indispensable part of the sport.

In the book, Kyuzo Mifune explains his judk view of Judo, its role in Japanese society and the worldand benefits to the individual player. Chance and Way to Apply Technique The first thing noticeable about the book is the hardbound covering, it’s a Judogi material!


This book is the completely revised edition of Canon of Judo, originally published in That Is The Question!

Canon Of Judo |

Views Read Edit View history. Right way of sitting Kouchigari minor interior reaping Preparatory and Final Training Body protection – How to practise Kosotogake Minor exterior angling User login Log in using OpenID: Lastly before going into each technique in detail, the book covers some basic concepts of techniques, such as Tai-sabaki body control and Hen-nou adaptability. He notes that Judo initially only included throws, and explains the difference between Judo and Ju-jutsu.

Il libro spiega in modo chiaro e dettagliato tutte le tecniche del Judo Kodokan, con preziosi suggerimenti dell’autore che offre molti spunti ed interpretazioni personali assolutamente interessanti. Fight with weapons was decided by the final close-combat, and in such cases importance began to be attached to valour and technique, which led to the organization of Jujutsu as martial arms to develop to Judo.

Reason to be concurrent with jduo Various reactions to Katame-waza Although the book mentions the five kata, [3]. Historic Development It can safely be said that the feats of strength man performs were coeval with the creation of the human beings and that Judo was originated from some of such feats.

Canon Of Judo

So he desired to make xanon not only a feat of arms, but also a means to help physical and spiritual training to contribute most effectively in the cause of educational and cultural acquirements. Thenceforth, the juvo of various branches of Jujutsu and other outlines in chronological order are as follows: In the volume 10 of it he tells, “According to ‘Secrecy of Pugilism,’ modern Jujutsu is what is termed pugilism in ‘Record of Feats of Arms’ and in olden times this was called ‘Tebaku.

He joined the Kodokan in when he came to Tokyo to attend Waseda University, and became the close disciple of Jigoro Kano, the father of Judo and founder of the Kodokan. The exercise hall was only a mat room occupying part of the temple and the trainees jkdo only nine in all.


The year when the school was formed is not known, but it is estimated to be in juxo Oda-Toyotomi era Tensho era, — 9. There were, however, various branches coming from Fukuno School, especially Kito Branch was popular and all of them were fancied more authoritative to induce the public at large to believe that the secrecy of each branch was introduced from foreign countries.

Fromhe was a Judo instructor at a number of universities, high schools, and junior high schools.

Thus Gen-i is quoted to have cheered Miyamoto Musashi when the latter was going to visit the soldiers at the front when riots took place at Shimabara in the 15th year of Kan-en. I quote the statement by Master Kano Jigoro as follows: The exercise hall at the Eishoji Temple was in a little while removed to Minami-jinbocho, Kanda, then to Kami-nibancho, Koji-machi, and then to Fujimicho, Kojimachi, and afterwards through Shimo-Tomizakacho, Koishikawa, and Sakashitamachi, Otsuka, until in January, the 9th year juso Showaat the present site near Suido-bashi the Great Kodokan Hall was founded.

Judo is impersonation of truth True meaning of Judo A must have item for judokas.

In recent years, Judo has acquired heightened The most interesting thing about this book is the ‘reference’ techniques, that you won’t find easily elsewhere