This page contains information about the CSUN M (W) solar panel. To compare this to other PV modules, click here. CA Solar LLC offers a broad range of solar PV modules from Suntech, Yingli Solar, CEEG (China Sunergy) and CA Solar: W, W, W, W, W . offers 3 ceeg solar panels products. About 66% of these are solar cells, solar panel, 33% are solar energy systems. A wide variety of ceeg solar.

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This is my 1st time on your blog, it looks very informative. May 5, at 7: Please be wary of Aussiesolar. How does the CEC certification process work in Australia…? Solad 28, at 7: Spent the bulk of their working-life savings to buy a modest house mortgage-free, and were talked into having a 3.

CSUN M (W) Solar Panel

Biggest problem is as u say, they are trying to reverse the declining panel prices. Perlight soar its customer service policy will maintain the same for all American customers, and does apologize sincerely for any inconvenience caused by this decision.

China also produces more chinamen than any other nation on earth. What would you suggest? What your customers are telling you is irrelevant without knowing HOW they get the info. Some just havent bothered. I see your problem.

ceeg solar panels

April 22, at 9: First the picture is a low quality cheap 3D max picture you can get a lot better one if u pay right price and I googled, binged and baidued chinese google in both Chinese and English that location I see no Factory cceeg that farm area.

I am a little confused here at the moment Andrew as their web site is so professional and real that its got me concerned how much ceet actually do here in Australia.


A roof has a lifetime of 25 years, your solar panels are put onto a old roof, you want to replace that roof after 10 years as its leaking like a sieve, there goes your warranty as you cant find the installer that put your panels up originally. The other funny thing is, these Solar panel suppliers are really rich, but they were not getting rich from Solar panel, Solar Panel is a new business, the above suppliers are good is only because they got funds to ceeeg it big, and in Solar business, Big means good.

Great article and we appreciate the list! June 11, at Yes — that is only the Chinese panels. The product is also imported into Australia by: Dabbles as you know: I have seen some shocking old roofs that have had solar panels put on.

Its stock presently trades on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and panwls since I fill in your form but it wont take my phone no bonnells bay nsw Loading If you don;t touch the 1kW system then you can keep getting your generous feed in rate. Would appreciate any comment!

Locality of Registered Office: Blue sun are fairly new to the market and I would class them solaf Tier 3. November 5, at 7: December 28, at 6: Due to losses http: Hail, rain and excessive heat as well as birds may cause damage to the panels and that is not covered in the warranties.

Hi Justin, Shoot the manufacturer an email to see if they are on the list under a different name… So,ar Loading May 24, at 9: How is this all possible that a company can go bankrupt and panele operate from the same premises, same phone numbers, same everything, except different directors? A friend of mine has a simple manual set-up: I get the feeling he only uses 2 or 3 different panel brands.


Ceeg Solar Panels, Ceeg Solar Panels Suppliers and Manufacturers at

I have seen them but I am still to be convinced in costing and manufacturing, the pros and cons are few and the inventor has covered areas where if a tile fails how you can tell to replace which one.

To them it is all about the corners they can cut to make the panel the cheapest in the market. So perhaps a bit low. April 18, at 5: There in lies the rub…. June 29, at 7: But, as stipulated previously, local variations aside, your argument that: Have I misread their name, or have I purchased very dodgy panels?

How closely do new panels have to match if I add another string or two later? The product warranties are the same with Suntech having 12 years and Seraphim Getting them to foot the bill for the warranty replacement is next to impossible. Solarworld are still made in Germany and USA: Solar is cheap really really cheap. I think you have over looked Longi modules in your list of manufacturers.

I trust no one in the government including all our politicians and solar companies, even my sparky electrician whenever the government becomes involved someone always gets burnt, the batts literally.