No celebraremos la muerte de los dioses blancos. En el quinto centenario de la llegade de colon. N.p., n.d. Sharpe, Eric J. The Universal Gîtâ: Western Images. Oigan lo que dice Jesucristo nuestro Señor: Amarás al Señor tu Dios con . El cual, la noche en que fue entregado al sufrimiento y a la muerte, tomó pan; y dándote gracias, lo ¡Celebremos la fiesta! .. Antes de la celebración de la Santa Comunión, la Santa Mesa debe de estar cubierta con un paño blanco y limpio. , No Celebraremos la Muerte de los Dioses Blancos. , Nuestro Honor se Llama Lealtad. , Imitacion de la Verdad: La ciberpolitica. Internet.

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The Story of an Indian Pilgrimage. It covers the period between the fifties and sixties of the twentieth century during which Miguel Serrano was Chile’s ambassador to that country. The New Age Santiago.

No celebraremos la muerte de los dioses blancos | Open Library

Epistolarios Por ChileOfficial website. In he joined an occult order founded by a German migrant which combined pro-Nazi sentiment with ceremonial magic and kundalini yoga. Gods of the Blood: Miguel Serrano White gods Bing. Views Read Edit View history. A Book of the Resurrection was published, a form of autobiography influenced by Jungian psychology. Miguel Serrano Miguel Serrano 10 September — 28 February was a Chilean diplomat, journalist and author of poetry, books on spiritual questing and Esoteric Hitlerism.

Celbraremos altri progetti Wikimedia Commons. Uses editors parameter link. One of the main works of Miguel Serrano.


And so it has been universally understood by the many editions that have been made and continue to be done to date in different languages and countries.

The various themes, however, are held together by a common thread — the golden thread — which is a worldview that is hierarchical, elitist, neo-pagan, Gnostic, ariosophical, neo-Romantic, Nietzschean, and, of course, National Socialist. Zig-Zag []; New York: XVII autumn Spanish. This book has a unique value for the revelations that both, great men and scholars, made to the author.

Mission in the Transhimalaya].

The Golden Thread | Counter-Currents Publishing

In the Chilean presidential electionthe Marxist Salvador Allende was elected president. Adolf Hitler and the Great War]. Santiago, Chile, Editorial Nascimento; Barcelona: Obviously, Serrano interpreted this in mystical, metaphysical terms: Serrano postula una cospirazione globale hlancos li vede opposti alle forze oscure del Kali Yugacomandate dal dio degli Ebreida lui inteso in questo rivelando un forte influsso di talune dottrine gnostiche come il Demiurgoun essere fondamentalmente malvagio, creatore della materia.

They themselves take the devayanathe Way of the Gods, at death and return to the earth as Bodhisattvas only if they are willing. Estratto da ” https: Between andhe studied at the Internado Nacional Barros Arana.

Quinn Quintilian Edouard Rix C. Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera.

Santa Luciaapartment 71, and Santa Lucia6 “C”. He was successful in this, and remained in India until After visiting Antarctica, Serrano travelled to Germany and then Switzerland, where he met the novelist Herman Hesse and psychoanalyst Carl Jung ; in he published a reminiscence of his time with the pair.

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Serrano contends that the last documents relating to them were destroyed along with the Alexandrian Libraryand that latterly these beings have been misunderstood as extraterrestrials arriving in spaceships or UFOs. Book of the Resurrection”. According to Goodrick-Clarke, Serrano’s “mystical Nazism” was “a major example of the Thulean mythology’s successful migration to South America in the post-war period”. Aged eighteen, Barreto was killed in a brawl with uniformed Nacistas, members of the National Socialist Movement of Chilea fascist group inspired by the example of the Nazi Party in Germany.

Miguel Serrano

Archived from the original on 24 December His method of argumentation does not follow the Anglo-Saxon linear model, where one thing leads to the next; nor the German model, which goes from general to specific; nor the B,ancos Asian, which goes from peripheral to central; but, rather, anti-entropic, whereby through his agency chaos resolves into organization.

It is a way to transmute a hero into God. Nicholl Andy Nowicki James J.

After an education at the Internado Nacional Barros Aranahe developed an interest in writing and far-right politicsallying himself with the Chilean Nazi movement. Archived from the original on 15 January