DECLARATION prohibited by legislation or by postal or customs regulations CN Commercial sample. Size 74 x mm, white or green. Quantity and. In this guide we’re going to be talking about has ship orders with royal mail that requires cm22 customs form please know this video only covers items worth . A Customs Declaration (CN22) is a customs document, used during international trade activities when goods are being transported overseas.

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When filling out the Customs declaration, you should pay attention to every detail and make sure you enter the address correctly. Takes me less than 15 seconds to fill it out. Ready to order delivery?

We have a thread over on our helpful Folksy Forums where sellers have been talking about their cb22 of selling overseas. Bonus – no custos glue on the packing table! Q10 What documents do you need in order to export? Developed by Ambosco Ltd. Why not join in, or leave a comment below. Be sure to mention if the contents are subject to quarantine or other restrictions. However, the importer shopper can choose to go through Customs clearance procedures on their own if they wish.

Moogento CN22 – Auto-create Customs Labels in pickPack

Fom need to take extra special care when selling anything deemed as high risk, like toys or cosmetics. Correctly specify the package contents category.


If a declaration is not provided OR is completed incorrectly it can lead to delays or even seizure of the goods by Customs. If you use Parcl to fill out the Customs declaration, you may download and print out the completed CN22 and CN23 forms.

Without getting into the whole in-out argument, the EU makes life simple when exporting. The document informs Customs of the contents of your consignment and helps them to check for fogm or restricted items.

Selling Overseas – How to cope with your first international order

What is Delivered At Terminal? Q3 What is the difference between Incoterms and Incoterms ?

I have one question- should the weight be of the individual item without any box or packaging included? What is Delivered At Place?

However to make it an official commercial invoice you need to add the details from the customs form, weight, country of origin, HS Tariff Code and a signature. Create a request Create a request.

Melia was great, she got my son his Addias basketball shoes the same day of request! An incorrect address may lead to the package getting delayed or stuck. You can just enter the name of your item in the search box at the top of the page. You can also find this information for free if you look at the customs page for the government you are sending the item to, but it does take a bit of delving. Q5 Does the mode of transport dictate which Incoterms are used?

Customs Declaration Form

Fill in the HS code of the items if known. All your orders A complete, up to date view of all your orders from all your stores. Documents necessary for sending EMS packages. Trust your delivery to reliable forwarders. Prohibitions and restrictions in the domestic and international post Royal Mail.


Each country has different charges and thresholds.

Zenstores makes it straightforward to produce CN23 forms for international orders. Take command of your online orders Instead of having orders scattered all over the place and sorting them manually for shipping — Zenstores brings everything into one place. So in the case of the Handmade Ceramic Bowl you should write: Ceramic Berry Bowl — Jude Allman. Why become a shopper at Parcl? Postage for additional items: This is price of the item, not their wholesale value or the cost of the materials used.

Provide customer service that sends out from the crowd, whilst saving time and money. Show the Order ID to easily match labels with boxes. It always seems hard to summarize our orders into that small label. No more wasted time writing out CN22 labels for countries which don’t need them. However, you will need to check which form should be attached to the package in your case.