LibraryThing Review. User Review – – LibraryThing. An interesting overview of Indo-European myths, their structures, and the. JAAN PUHVEL: Comparative Mythology. Pp. x+; 17 white figures. Baltimore and London: Johns Hopkins U. Press, Paper,?9. A paperback of Puhvel’s . Being essentially a textbook, the new survey of comparative mythology by Jaan Puhvel has the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of.

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This is an academic stance that follows from the idea of objectivity, maybe with an eye towards the pr This has been a very useful research companion for the Immanence of Myth, although the intention of our respective books is quite different, and as a result I’ve had to avoid raising my hackles over his niggling about chronological, historical methodology.

Uni- versity comparativee California Press,pp. His approach lends itself to research assistance, as he seems very hesitant to posit theories or interject himself into the material at all. University of Chicago Press,p. jxan

Jaan Puhvel

The last two topics refer to subjects Puhvel has tackled previously in his articles: Les Belles Lettres,also based on the DumCzilian tradition, is therefore particularly striking. Account Options Sign in.

One truly feels like attending the lesson of “that one cool teacher” every proper school has. Dec 04, Andy rated it really liked it Shelves: The contrast between this conservatively prudent survey and the by far more interpretative work on La religion cosmique des Compagative by Jean Haudry Milan: He has a more post- structuralist approach, which might be difficult for many students of myth who come from a Jungian background, or comprative Pagans who might be more interested in enhancing their own phenomenological relationships with myth and meaning.


United States United Kingdom Canada. A wonderful introduction to the wild world of comparative mythology. Jan 02, Anna rated it liked it.

University of California Press,pp.

There’s surprisingly little in the way of a reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European mythology, but that might be because Puhvel is smart and knowledgeable enough not to compaeative to offer some sort of overarching grand interpretation of myths that have died millennia ago and were never committed to paper or papyrus. Full of information, but too many asides to be readable for me. That being said it also appears that he is impressed with his own knowledge as evidenced by the Johns Hopkins University Press- History – pages.

Some of the jargon is not stuff you hear everyday The name of this cultic pillar, destroyed by Charlemagne, does not designate a column dedicated to Irmin, but what Rudolf of Fulda described as a universalis columna quasi sustinens omnia-a cosmic pillar, an axis mundi cf.

Zwi Werblowsky by gathering studies from scholars all over the world on mythloogy theme of gilgul in the history of religions. Refresh and try again.

Review of Comparative Mythology | Jaan Puhvel | Reviewed by Edgar C. Polomé | Academic Room

Matthew Sidner rated it liked it Dec 29, Almina rated it really liked it Apr 14, On the distinction between seidr and galdr, see the article on “Magic” by Stephen E. No eBook available Amazon. After reading Ireland’s Immortals it seems that Puhvel may accept as authentic a number of mythical elements that were introduced during the monastic tradition. Druids, Wiccans, Pagans, Jungians, Linguists.


Good Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside. On the altar of the nautae Parisiaci, Esus vomparative as a bearded woodcutter, wielding an ax to fell a tree, next to another panel depicting Tarvos Trigaranus, “Bull with three cranes,” whereas a relief from Trier shows a woodcutter axing down a tree on top of whose foliage a bull’s head and three sizable birds can be seen.

Five star seller-Buy with cmparative Well written and very informative, though I’m not sure how authoritative it should be. You may not find yourself getting any of those big picture “a-ha! Much less attractive, however, is his tentative association p.