Conjure Wife [Fritz Leiber] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Professor Norman Saylor considered magic nothing more than superstition. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Fritz Leiber is considered one of science fiction’s legends. Author of a prodigious number of stories and novels, many of. Conjure Wife [Fritz Leiber, Victor Bevine] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Professor Norman Saylor considered magic nothing more than.

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Leiber’s plots are always unique and this short novel is no exception. From the not-so-subtle foreshadowing of doom: Tor Books, founded in by former Ace editor Tom Doherty, did a short but vibrant line of Tor Doubles starting in It may be somewhat dated yet the novel still packs a punch.

Friitz liked how his feelings of mental superiority over her backfired when he realized that she was in fact the one who was right about what was really going on, and how he had to rely on her knowledge of the situation.

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Norman is happy about it, a bit too pleased with himself, one can say – we meet him at the beginning of the novel in a moment of perfect contentment which feels too good to be real, and which he feels must pass, as such moments are too good to last.

When Norman convinces his wife that it’s all just superstition, Tansy’s enemies move in. I blew through this in one night. For all the men did have a tendency to view their spouses through a skewed lens, not realizing just how much power the women truly had in their lives and over them. All hell breaks loose. Here are my two cents: A little disturbing for a guy to read Two things kept me from giving this story a four star rating.


This one is a psychological thriller with strong horror elements. Most of the novel is spent with Norman trying to built rational explanations and scientific theories for the irrational, until he is forced to act according to the laws of the occult in order to save his wife from attacks by other witches.

Middle class women occupying Betty Crocker domestic roles in support of their families and spouses, Leiber never breaks the mold to make any statements about the position of women wice society.

Conjure Wife

At any rate, I liked this story very much. As a result, he discovers that his wife is in actuality a practicing witch, and a good one at that. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All in all, a clever, and very well written, if slightly dated, fantasy novel.

No mere puttering about with ridiculous medieval implements, no effortless sleight of hand, but a straining, back-breaking struggle to keep control of forces summoned, of which the objects he manipulated were only the symbols.

G ulliver’s Travels by J onathan Swift Week As he faces imminent annihilation, Tansy takes the curse upon herself and now it is conjurs to Norman to save her and normalcy in a desperate race against time.

They were like the visions conjured up by some forbidden drug. I just love the man’s writing and find it intensely potent, layered and inspirational, and I think more people need to discover what a treasure he was.

Conjure Wife: Fritz Leiber, Victor Bevine: : Books

Norman teaches sociology at a small university, more specifically, his work centers on the “parallelisms of primitive superstition and modern neurosis,” even coming up with a book about it. For example, see the above quote from page 22 in addition to the below. I plan to look up next Our Lady of Darkness and one or two of Leiber science-fiction books.

Published November by Buccaneer Books first published April This page was last edited on 9 Octoberat Wief the opening chapter he is portrayed as a man content with his career and family life, until he accidentally discovers that his wife Tansy is dabbling in the witch arts. You are commenting using your WordPress.


Written innot as the Goodreads description states, Leiber has written a sly and involving work of horror that uses a modern for the s college setting to create a world where all women are witches and the men innocently go on their business thinking they are the masters of their castles.

It is amusing and sometimes horrifying to watch him rationalize the supernatural events occurring around him.

Wondered about her intuition. D angerous L a ughter by S teven Millhauser Week While I didn’t finish the challenge, I definitely read some very interesting books because of it, and got to a few authors I’d always meant to read, including Leiber.

Conjure Wife – Wikipedia

This was a great life for a man to be leading! The real brilliance of the novel is that Norman’s narration is transparent.

It is pathetic to watch him, even though he believes in the reality of the magic, attempt to sell himself on the idea that everything wifw is going on is explainable by scientific, psychological, or medical causes. When I say “mystery”, I don’t mean that they’re something completely unfathomable and unreachable For donjure moment the familiar face registers as merely an arbitrary arrangement of colored surfaces, without even the shadowy personality with which we invest a strange face glimpsed on the street.

Get to Know Us. The atmosphere is great, which sets the stage for the finale, and when the ante is upped, the plot starts moving fast.