Axolotl. Temas recurrentes son. la SOLEDAD, Durante una entrevista, Julio Cortázar menciona que el cuento proviene de una experiencia. Proyecto Escolar, realización de cartel para el cuento Axolotl de Julio Cortazar. ” La presncia de una vida diferente,de otra forma de mirar”. Final del juego (End of the Game) is a book of eighteen short stories written by Julio Cortázar. Relato con un Fondo de Agua; Después del Almuerzo (“In the Afternoon”); Axolotl (“Axolotl”); La Noche Boca Arriba (“The Night Face Up”); Final .

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In the standing tanks on either side of them, different fishes showed me the simple stupidity of their handsome eyes so similar to our own. Personal tools Log axolorl. Me apoyaba en la barra de hierro que bordea los acuarios y me ponia a mirarios.

I found their Spanish name, xaolotl, and the mention that they were edible, and that their oil was used no longer used, it said like cod liver oil. No se daba cuenta de que eran ellos los que me devoraban lentamente por los ojos en un canibalismo de oro.

Afuera mi cara volvia a acercarse al vidrio, veia mi boca de labios apretados por el esfuerzo de comprender a los axoloti. I saw him yesterday; he looked at me for a long time and left briskly.

Mi cara estaba pegada al vidrio del acuario, mis ojos trataban una vez mas de penetrar el misterio de esos ojos de oro sin iris y sin pupila. In the library at Sainte- Genevieve, I consulted a dictionary and learned that axolotis are the larval stage provided with gills of a species of salamander of the genus Amhystoma.

Axolotl/Julio Cortazar

Perhaps their eyes could see in the dead of night, and for them the day continued indefinitely. El tiempo se siente menos si nos estamos quietos. He was outside the aquarium, his thinking was a thinking outside the tank.

Reality and Fantasy 4 Themes and Motifs 4. The eyes of the axolotis spoke to me of the presence of a different life, of another way of seeing.


Beyond this, he states that he is not interested in knowing anything else technical or biological about them. Me sorprendia musitando palabras de axolltl, transmitiendo pueriles esperanzas. There’s nothing strange in this, because after the first minute I knew that we were linked, that something infinitely lost and distant kept cortazaf us together.

In the story, it becomes the object of obsession. Disconcerted, almost ashamed, I felt it a lewdness to be peering at these silent and immobile figures heaped at the bottom of the tank.

Axolotl by Susana Silva Espinosa on Prezi

A ambos lados de la cabeza, donde hubieran debido estar las orejas, le crecian tres ramitas rojas como de coral, una excrescencia vegetal, las branquias supongo. They continued to look at me, immobile; from time to time the rosy branches of the gills stiffened.

Creo que al principio yo era capaz de volver en cierto mode a el -ah, solo en cierto mode- y mantener alerta su deseo de conocemos mejor. Los leones estaban fees y tristes y mi pantera dormia. I was an axolotl and now I knew instantly that no understanding was possible. Ellos seguian mirandome inmoviles; de pronto las ramillas rosadas de las branquias se enderezaban. He sees nothing strange with his constant visits to the axolotls. From this juncture on, the narrator is captivated by these small aquatic animals.

I believe that all this succeeded in communicating something to him in cotrazar first days, when I was still he. The lions were sad and ugly and my panther was asleep. They and I knew. The Mental Health Perspective 3. And then I discovered its eyes, its face. Y o era un axoloti y sabia ahora instantaneamente que ninguna comprension era posible.

Nevertheless, the ambiguity between the real and the unreal could be viewed as the literary basis of the short story. Me habia bastado detenerme aquella primera maiiana ante el cristal donde unas burbujas corrian en el coryazar.

Los imagine conscientes, esclavos de su cuerpo, infinitamente condenados a un silencio abisal, a una reflexion desesperada. I began to go every moming, moming and aftemoon some days.


The aquarium guard smiled perplexedly taking my ticket. It got to the point tiiat I was going every day, and at night I thought of them immobile in the darkness, slowly putting a hand out which immediately encountered another. The axolotl become his confidantes and they, his; he finds himself empathizing with and understanding them.

Axolotl, Julio Cortázar ()

Sufrian, cada fibra de mi cuerpo alcanzaba ese sufrimiento amordazado, esa tortura rigida en el fondo del agua. Briefly he worked as a director of a publishing company and worked as a translator in Argentina. It seemed to me that he was not so much interested in cortasar any cortazqr, that he was coming out of habit.

Moreover, the motif of cannibalism, a proclivity that the narrator attributes to the axolotl, may be accounted for by the historical belief that it was an Aztec practice. J ulio Cortazan ”Axolotr’ There was a time when I thought a great deal about the axolotls. One of the most prominent characteristics that the narrator assigns to the axolotls throughout the story is stillness.

A very slender black cuuento ringed the eye and etched it onto the pink flesh, onto the rose stone of the head, vaguely triangular, but with curved and triangular sides which gave it a total likeness to a statuette corroded by time. Sin transition, sin sorpresa, vi mi cara contra el vidrio, en vez del axolotl vi mi cara xxolotl el vidrio, la vi fuera del acuario, la vi del otro lado del vidrio.

Another critic, Reedy, contends that the structure of Axolotl contains parallels to that of the Aztec myth involving the twin brother of the god, Quetzalcoatl, Xolotl, xortazar is the god of the underworld and experiences rebirth after having been in larval form.