: De Septem Secundeis (): John Tritemius, William Lilly: Books. Quellen der Esoterik von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart. De septem secundeis, id est, intelligentiis, sive spiritibus orbes post Deum moventibus libellus. Front Cover. Johannes Trithemius.

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Frederick the second is elected, he reigned In the year of our Lord God At this time, too, humanity began to gain a sense of the universe as a whole, as, after the multiplication of races and septfm founding of many kingdoms, different languages came into being. A prodigious variety of cults manifested in the world.

In Almain more then twenty thousand young men are drowned in the Sea by Pyrats, who seduced by a vain spirit, did give forth they would recover the holy land. Thus humanity dispersed over the earth and septwm beings began energetically to work the soil and cultivate fields, to sow wheat and plant vines, to prune fruit trees and busy themselves with all that concerned food and clothing.

This made all Germany know of the existence of this new republic.


Hisse temporibus Scribaria primo fuit inuenta, et literae primo admodum seu formam arborum, atque plantarum excogitate, quae tamen postea cum tempore et cultiorem sumpsere ornatum, et caracterum faciem as suum gentes arbitrium mutauerunt.

Multi claruerunt iis temporibus uiri in omni genere scientiarum doctissimi et eloquentissimi Theologi, Astronomi, Medici, Orationes, Historiochraphi, et iis consimiles, non solum inter gentes, sed etiam apud Christianos. During these times, here flourished many Sybills, Prophets, Diviners, Soothsayersor such as used inspection into the entrals of Beasts, Magitiansor Wise-men, Poetsas Sybilla, Erythraeashe of the Isle secundejs Delphosshe whom we call the Phrygian, because she lived in Phrygia with the rest.

Hermes, who gave us the science of the Magi, confirms this view when he says that seven Spirits were assigned to the seven Planets from the beginning of the heavens and of the earth.


In Saxonya certain village with all its buildings, and inhabitants was in a moment swept away by an horrible gaping or opening of the earth.

He founded the military order of St.

de Septem Secundeis : Seven Secondary Causes

Tres Romae soles apparuerunt, nec diu, sed mox in unum redacti sunt. Winceslaus was disposed, Leopald Duke of Austria, 8 Earls, and more then souldiers fighting against the Switzers, were all by them slain. But Otho the third being dead, Henry the first secundeie election of the Princes succeeded, raigned At the same time, Kunegund, his wife, died a virgin, famous for her miracles.

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And its observable that very many other Nations, as well in Europe as in Asiapretend to have taken their originall from the Trojans, to whom I thought good to give so much credit, as they themselves were able to perswade me was truth, upon sufficient testimony and proof. The World shall then be brought to its first innocency of its simplicity, the Angell of Saturne Orifiel governing the World every where.

Photoneuswho first of all instituted amongst the Greeks, Laws, and judgements, as also, Sol, Minerva, Ceres, Serapis amongst the Aegyptians, and very many besides.

de Septem Secundeis : Johannes Trithemius :

It would require a prophecy for the series of future events. It was under Zachariel’s rule that Adam, the first human being, died, leaving to posterity the inevitability of death. The Greek poet Homer, singer of the Fall of Troy, the Phrygian Dares and the Cretan Dictis who witnessed and told of it, are also said to have lived at this time.

Coelestiall things are mixed with earthly, many of the Christians for that faith which they did Preach, shall be slaughtered by the rulers of this World. Puerorum peregrinatio ad sanctum Michaelem mirabilis fuit. Gabriel ruled years and 4 months, until the year The twentieth time in order, Gabriel Angell of the Moon received the moderation of the World, in the year of the World Toward the end of Anael’s rule, in the time of the Emperor Julian, crosses appeared on the linen robes of certain per sons.


About the year of our Lord God And this wantonness of life in men did continue untill the flood, receiving the Arguments of its pravity from hence. The Normans harrowed France: Anno Christianorumquidam [23] Iudaeus apud Toletum fodiens, librum inuenit, inquo erat scriptum: In order the tenth time Zachariel the Angel of Jupiteragain began to ruler the world the last day of Februaryin the year of the building, or framing the heaven and earth, Yet he originated in the priestly caste of Heber, as history declares.

We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. Charles Duke of Burgundy not long besieged the Towne of Nussicum one whole years space, viz. Friuola sunt que afferunt de sua nobilitate et antiquitate, uolentes [10] palam gloriari, quasi non fuerint in Europa gentes ante Troianorum excidium, nullusque inter ipsos Troianos ignobilis. The dominion of the Sylians ended in Italy, their place being taken by the Romans.

: De Septem Secundeis (englisch)

Circa finem regiminis Orifielis, Hierusalem per Romanos destruitur, et Iudae in omnem terram disperguntur, interfectis undecies centum milibus, et uenditisReliqui fugierunt, et sic Romani Iudaeam re destruxerunt. Anno enim Christianorumcruces in uestimentis hominum uisae ante decennium quod praeteriit suum ostendent effectum, sed 13 ab hinc Iure citatus locum dabis nescienti, maior post fata resurges mihi in tertio nisi licet nebula tegas.

His temporibus ars Impressoria Moguntiae Metropolis Alemaniae inuenta est denouo, mirabili industria, munere diuinitatis. In the year of Christians Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Portenta multa sunt uisa in coelo, aere, terra, mari, et aquis. Et anno sequenti Imperator Turcarum Machomet mortuus est, cui Baysetus primogenitus in regno successit, imperans iam in annum