DA62Space, speed, and style for 7; DA42Advanced twin technology; DA40 NG Four seat versatility DAL Aircraft Flight Manual -Incremental Revision. 7. WARNING: The Garmin G, as installed in the Diamond DA40 aircraft, has a very Pilot’s Guide documentation and the G Flight Manual Supplement. THIS IS THE SLEEK AND FUTURISTIC DIAMOND STAR DA40 XLS BY THE DIAMOND STAR FEATURES 4 SEATS, AND OPTIONAL.

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Model Choose an Aircraft The best place for a music input jack is probably in between the front seats, near the headset jacks, and that’s where Diamond runs the Garmin’s pih wires. Husky Choose an Aircraft In practice for most people this proves too complex and what you really want is one music input.

You can train in a DA20, transition to a DA40 for loh work and shortish trips, transition to a DA42 for overwater and trips of more than n. Two fat guys in front, full fuel. We aborted our diamonc return to Boston, grounded ourselves in the local Holiday Inn, and the next morning a mechanic at Acadia Air found a bad plug in cylinder number 3, just as the VM was suggesting.

Diamond Aircraft :: DA

A 61 Choose an Aircraft Once in the air, however, the DA40 is wonderfully warm and well-sealed. Prior to certification Diamond flew a DA40 prototype for more than 16, touch-and-goes without wearing out the gear. The composite seats are part of the airframe, which makes them fantastically strong but prevents them from sliding forward dq40 back. Preflight Passenger and baggage capacity with the gallon fuel tanks full is about pounds the optional tanks hold 50 gallons.

You too may walk out of the hospital a few days later thanks to the DA40’s massively overbuilt cockpit. What they want is a fuel totalizer.

Sadly the folks at Garmin are selling a product that, out of the box, demands a tremendous amount of voltage because the gain is so low and a tremendous amount of power because the input impedance is so high.


A flight school with four DA20s reports that they’ve only had to replace one landing light bulb in five years. The Garmins have very readable displays, excellent capabilities for VOR navigation GNS onlyand a useful dz40 map that shows the airplane’s position relative to airports, roads, bodies of diaond, and cities.

If you read the manual you can learn the unlabeled button functions necessary to tell the VM “this airplane has a gallon gas tank” and “I da0 filled up the gas tank”.

The floodlight is useful for reading a chart. The downside of light wing loading is most apparent when you’re flying instruments in turbulent conditions, for example when training under the hood on a summer afternoon when the sun beating down on fields and parking lots generates convection.

Javelin Meteor Choose an Aircraft Either a survival kit in the ski tube, some water and a flight bag in the back seat, or a laptop in the baggage area would put the plane back into the legal CG envelope. Caproni Ca Caproni Ca. Rear seat passengers have their own gullwing door, which is very pooh for dogs.

The diesel engine is turbonormalized up to 12,’, which results in superior high altitude performance. Once you’ve burned down below 3 gallons in a tank, the gauge reads “Lo”. The harnesses are very comfortable and convenient but give the rigidity of the airframe it would be nice to decelerate against two shoulder straps rather than one.

Compared to the float gauges in old-style planes like Cessnas the gauges are remarkably consistent and stable. I primed my plane with the fuel pump on but after the seconds of priming, the supplemental fuel pump went off and diajond off until I was ready for takeoff. If you’re becoming disoriented in the clouds or need to take a breather for some other reason, press the AP button to turn the unit on in “ROL” mode levels the wings and press the ALT button to instruct the KAP to hold your present altitude.


The view is breathtaking, even for people who’ve spent a lot of time in Cessnas and other small planes.

Diamond Aircraft

In my airplane this number was consistently off by about 5 percent but in a safe direction: Horten Choose an Aircraft Type Choose an Aircraft Aeroprakt Antonov Ukraine Choose a Manufacturer We did appreciate the VM’s individual temperature readouts when the engine was running rough on climb-out one evening from Bar Harbor, Maine. Why not design the plane with smaller wings, like a Mooney or a Cirrus?

One nice thing about Diamond is that they cover the full range of personal airplanes. Trimotor Choose an Aircraft PW-5 Smyk Choose an Aircraft Most bush planes are 1 taildraggers so that the prop is farther from harm’s way, 2 old and cheap so you don’t care if it gets banged up, 3 equipped with metal props that can be filed down in the event of damage.

This is a two-axis autopilot with altitude preselect. I could reliably start my plane when hot simply by turning on the electric fuel pump and advancing the mixture while cranking. One fly in the safety ointment is that the DA40 has 3-point harnesses. LAK Choose a Manufacturer Model 8 Silvaire Choose an Aircraft Sport Cruiser Choose an Aircraft The Gequipped DA40s should be nicer for night flying if only because everything important will be consistently illuminated.

For folks who are considering buying a used DA40, the VM is a large flat panel that displays the following information: CM Magister Choose an Aircraft On the other hand, the paper airplane can fly at very low airspeeds.

A brand new portable Sony CD player plugged into the GMA produces a sound level at least 20 dB softer than the communications radios.

Hengist Kirby Cadet T.