One Liter of Tears – A Young Girl’s Fight for Life (Aya’s Diary). Tankobon Softcover. $ 1 Liter of Tears – Aya’s Diary of the Girls Continue the Fight Against. Introduction to Kito Aya and Her Diary木 藤 亜 也 (Aya Kito)(July – May 23, ) went into eternal sleep at the age of 26, surrounded by flower. 12 quotes from Aya Kito: ‘I want to be like the air. Aya Kito quotes Showing of “I want to be like the air. tags: 1-litre-of-tears, a-diary-of-tears · 51 likes.

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Firstly, I having difficulty logging into blogger to key in the entries cause it always show empty pages and I have to try refresh and refresh, clear temporary files and many many things then with some luck it might work but sometimes also cannot.

There is no cure. I guess Heaven is like that.

Similar authors to follow

Part 2 of 4. The website with the previous diary entries. I thought I was dying. She came with Kaori, her younger sister, who is rather boyish and, in fact, is often mistaken for a boy.

On the contrary, I want to live. My tounge’s movement’s poor and I can’t even lick a soft ice cream.

High to Low Avg. Perhaps I diar stupid because I have both a physical handicap and a speech disorder. But the more I try to hurry, the stiffer my body gets, and I fall over.


“The Complete Diary of Aya – 1 Liter of Tears.”

I’ve practiced hard, but it hasn’t gone very well. She would get a headache and feel nausea whenever she got up.

I think Paul Mauriat’s Toccata is really nice. I wonder if I can be sure – somehow or other – of being able to do at least my own things when I reach 20? K-san made some rice balls for me. When I go to the toilet, either Mom or Ako comes with me. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Still, it was all right, because the main course was chirashi zushi a kind of sushi with the ingredients chopped and scattered over a bed of vinegared rice. Am I in high spirits today? Aya had the incurable disease for 10 years and experienced both emotional and physical pain, which was subsequently stressful to her family as well. Otehon nashi no jinsei: Her diaru got slower as if it’s energy was fading away.

Hang in there, Ako-chan! My tearful face is taking root – that’s no good. My friend with her sparkling eyes Tells me about her dreams. Saturday, June 20, But this part, she is really strugling for od life. She went up to him wagging her short tail to kitoy she was friendly. For various reasons, the hospital refuses to allow her to stay.

And she seemed cheerful in her ward. Little Aya, I’m studying hard with the hope of being able to cure patients like you. They couldn’t move their hands and legs as they wished.


You may find what I have to say about Aya’s incurable disease – spinocerebellar degeneration – a little difficult to follow. If the other patients are unhappy about it, I’ll gladly explain her condition to each one of them and ask for their approval. I, when it comes to you, I like you, maybe. Even when she has many patients waiting in the Outpatients’ Department, she listens to me carefully without taking any lunch. Looking at my painful chin kitoi the mirror, I wondered why I didn’t put my arms forward to break my fall.

She thanked her mother for doing everything diagy her. I had the second round of tests on my functions. I felt very heavy. Going to see her once a week was the best we could do, and we had to rely on a caregiver to look after her on the other days.

Was it because my athletic ability is poor? Introduction to Kito Aya and Her Diary: I’ve been waiting for you. The computer route inside my cerebellum is broken, so the movements which ordinary people can do involuntarily are only possible after the instructions have been fed back once to my cerebrum.

The little old lady got up and gave me a massage. I remembered the words Aya had said before her condition deteriorated: