Palabras clave: obesidad, índice de masa corporal (IMC), densidad ósea, osteoporosis, el tipo de obesidad (androide vs. ginecoide) y osteoporosis . concluyen en forma específica que es la grasa de distribución superior -y no la. La obesidad se define como un exceso de grasa corporal. Se considera que una visceral (obesidad androide o central) resulta más perjudicial que la acumulación de grasa subcutánea gluteofemoral (obesidad ginoide o periférica). Tipos de obesidad según la distribución del WAT (modificada de Frühbeck, ). La mujer posmenopáusica presentó una distribución de grasa corporal androide, adiferencia de la premenopáusica, que fue ginoide. Su tejido adiposo.

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gynocoid | English to Spanish | Medical: Health Care

Relationship between leptin and all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in chronic hemodialysis patients. Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. Radiologia, 54pp. Prevalence study in a random sample. Insulin was measured by direct chemiluminescence-based immunoassay Liaison, DiaSorin, Saluggia, Italy.

This is despite the trend towards an distribucioon in leptin in women and in adiponectin in men. Results A significant increase in phase corporral [4. Abdominal and gynoid fat mass are associated with cardiovascular risk factors in men and women. Intraabdominal adipose tissue and anthropometric surrogates in African American women with upper- and lower-body obesity. Dual energy X-ray absorptimetry: Body composition, BMD, and circulating leptin levels in postmenopausal Distribucon women.

Biological role, clinical significance, and therapeutic possibilities of the recently discovered metabolic hormone fibroblastic growth factor Regarding the brasa objective of our study, a significant correlation was found between the fat-mass parameters quantified by BIA and DXA Table 6thus indicating a good concordance between both methods of body-composition measurement.

Another component of the atherothrombotic profile of abdominal obesity. Matrix of correlation between the variation of body composition parameters at one year, measured in the 18 haemodialysis patients using ginecoiee and dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, and the increase in adipocytokines studied.


Relationship of serum fibroblast growth factor 21 with abnormal glucose metabolism and insulin resistance: Nevertheless, we have been able to demonstrate a gain in abdominal fat in HD patients with the associated increase in CV risk and its statistically significant association with changes in plasma levels of adipocytokines.

Baseline anthropometric or laboratory parameters in men and women were not significantly different, except for albumin and adiponectin values Table 3.

A marker of the atherogenic metabolic triad hyperinsulinemia, hyperapo B, small, dense WL in men? Advanced age was not an exclusion criterion.

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Determinants on total body and regional BMD in normal postmenopausal women key role for fat mass. The measurement was performed according to the criteria ocrporal by the National Institutes of Health Technology Assessment Conference Statement.

Relationship of body surface area and bone density and risk of osteoporosis at various skeletal regions in women of mainland China.

En contraste con adiposidad androide Marisa Osovnikar Local time: This was measured at the end of a normal exhalation. In terms of lab parameters, there were no differences between the groups, except for higher albumin and lower cholesterol in HD patients, despite the fact that these patients had been on dialysis for more time than PD patients.

BIOQUIMICA DE LA NUTRICIÓN by Valeeria Saandoval Esquiveel on Prezi

The authors declare that they have no conflicts of interest. The measurements of anthropometric gonecoide body composition, and the collection of blood samples, were obtained under fasting conditions at baseline between and and 12 months later.

Adipose tissue in renal disease: Effects of race and body habitus on bone mineral density BMD of the radius, hip, and spine in premenopausal women.


Whole-body scans allow for regional determinations of BFM. Homeostasis Model Assessment; IL To evaluate the degree of agreement between 2 variables that evaluated the same concept, Pearson’s bivariate correlations were used. New England Journal of Medicine Journal of Clinical Investigation Assessment of abdominal fat distribution in obese patients: Possible protective effects of thigh fat.

This later correlation was also observed after a year of follow-up. The variables are expressed as correlation coefficients for non-parametric data Spearman’s rho.

Definition, diagnosis and disadvantages. Time on dialysis months. Controls were patients equivalent in age, time of menopause and number of children, who were not osteoporotic. The measurements of anthropometric and body composition, and the collection of blood samples, were obtained under fasting conditions at baseline between and and 12 months later.

J Am Soc Nephrol [Internet], 12pp. Increasing body fat mass in the first year of hemodialysis. Demographic data and data on renal replacement therapy, as well as comorbidities distrkbucion intercurrent processes, were recorded. Recibido el 12 de marzo de Aprobado el 12 de junio de Visceral fat and race-dependent health risks in obese nondiabetic premenopausal women.

As a secondary objective, we tried to validate the data obtained by bioelectrical impedance grawa BIA with data obtained by dual X-ray absorptiometry DXA. However such a correlation was not observed with leptin. Bellido D, Carreira J. Free fatty acids were measured based on an in vitro enzymatic colorimetric method A25, Biosystems, Barcelona, Spain.

The assay sensitivity was 1. Fibrous cap formation or destruction: