NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF DEVINE INTERVENTION by Martha Brockenbrough. Kirkus Star. Devine Intervention by Martha Brockenbrough ISBN Publication: June from Arthur A. Levine Books Rating: 4 ♥ / 5. Martha Brockenbrough talks about her new young adult novel, Devine Intervention, and A divine look at teen angst playing out in the afterlife.

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Devine Intervention by Martha Brockenbrough

The ending will make you think Read more of my reviews at Dazzling Reads Humorous, Deep and Unforgettable I love angel novels and, as I have said many times, they are my favorite mythological beings. But when he can’t get her into Heaven immediately, he assumes it’s his fault, his responsibility, and there’s the possibility that she will become one of the tiny number of truly lost souls – i.

But then again, I’ve never had a dog Devine Intervention didn’t quite manage to pull off funny – except in spots – and it seemed to make its own job of dealing with the real stuff brockenbrouvh harder by the framework built around the funny.

Funny, sad and touching.

O’Brien rated it really liked it. There isn’t really anything that annoyed me about him. It is a pleasure to read a writer who so delights in language, and who writes so captivatingly in a teen voice with such imaginative description.


Divihe me just mention the romance very quickly. Heidi Devine is no “Hunger Games” Katniss, but she takes her share of blows — metaphorical and metaphysical.


He doesn’t study and he didn’t even read “The Guardian Angel’s Handbook” which appears in between chapters! As part of Soul Rehab, Jerome is commissioned to become Heidi’s guardian angel. Chasing Before Memory Chronicles Book 2, available now. The guardian angel business wasn’t at all what I expected, what with the levels of hell involving microfiche and washing dirty underwear. Oh, the animal death would be too much for me, but the book does sound oddly charming in a funny kind of way.

Jul 13, Loralee rated it really liked it. He has only 24 hours to keep her soul from disappearing forever and salvage his own last chance at rehabilitation. So of course, Heidi’s upset and ends up taking a walk near a frozen pond.


Especially because Brockenbeough had a Chevy in intervehtion school that was worthy of a swear word. Can I say again how great the voice is? Everything that happens to her helps her see the person she can be, and wants to be.

You are dead; 2, You were a troublemaker in your earthly form: That has always been my style. They’re beautiful stories about someone who feels powerless and unimportant, even though that’s not the case at all.


With so much emphasis on the comedic aspect of heaven, it became too much. The plot was pretty good.

Presenting Lenore: Apocalypsies Love! Book Review: Devine Intervention by Martha Brockenbrough

Jerome, a soul in rehabilitation, is the main character and his chapters are told in first person. Every year at BEA, I make impulse grabs and every year, an impulse grab ends up being the best of what I snag. This is where I think the comic structure clashes with the emotional realities of the story being told.

And it takes a whole lot of courage to do the things she did. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The ending was so Jerome, a bit of a screw-up with attitude, gets shot in the head with his cousin’s arrow and finds himself in soul rehab, where he’s assigned as guardian angel to Heidi, a girl with confidence issues. Sep 05, Kimberly Sabatini rated it it was amazing Shelves: