Davicom DMAEP: available from 6 distributors. Explore Davicom on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs and availability. DMAEP from DAVICOM SEMICONDUCTOR INC. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. DMA. 10/ Mbps Fast Ethernet. Physical Layer Single Chip Transceiver. DATA SHEET. Preliminary. Version: DMA-DS-P Jan.

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This is the standard AEP reference design.

Hope you find this info useful folks. But I got the problem with clock after fatasheet on. Watch the price change. The default is TX — For fibre, you need to clear this bit.

About us About shop GM electronic, spol. I guess my question is why is the DMEP being so datasheer Because of the clock DP Phy is not latching the configuration pins. Watch the availability change. Who is online Users browsing this forum: I couldn’t get link up neither in u-boot or linux, i did however change some code in u-boot for gpio to make sure that DM resets properly. Bratislava branch Temporarily out of stock. For correct functionality and display of webpage, please enable JavaScript in your browser.

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Please tell me dm9161sep hints how to debug that. Ostrava branch Temporarily out of stock. Enter the Username and Password or register for new account. Next the same code is run on the board that has the DMEP version of the chip. All registers that are affected are listed in Table 5.



This happens on the Atmel board to the Address 0, bit Product code Weight 0. There is no need for FX in my case but i am trying to make this work so i can finish all the software before i make final prototype. Pilsen branch Temporarily out of stock. LQFP48 – Typ obvodu: Description of the problem. But this hardware tweak did a trick! Of course thanks, am aware of that, it was just easier to cut the track from pcb to see how will behave before i add additional cap.

I am really perplex as to what the difference is that could cause this problem. Stay logged in Login. Warehouse Temporarily out of stock.

This code was tested on both boards. The TX centre tap is. I have changed combinations to the configuration registers for many different startup configurations — my only conclusion is that the DMAEP version of the chip seems to work with nearly all combinations of MII register settings, it is difficult to stop it working!!

DM9161AEP Datasheet

E-shop menu Webpage menu Searching Cart. What’s pin 45 SD connected to? Read the description of the registers that is affected on power-up. I have looked at the datasheet to the point of desperation and despair! I know its been a while since you worked on this and i really appreciate your input and help! Few points to note: Product description Product parameters Download 1 Product code Weight 0. Watch the price change. Also, step through your code to make sure the new PHYID is taken into account when calling getPhyId In this example below you can see how I take a different branch when the ‘EP’ chip ID is read back – In this case I setup the registers for use with my fibre tranceiver.


DMAEP Datasheet(PDF) – Davicom Semiconductor, Inc.

Lots of trial and error later Make sure you overwrite the contents of these registers as part of you PHY init routine – to be safe, simply overwrite all writable values.

This is what I did to get it to work. Bratislava branch Temporarily out of stock. E-shop menu Webpage menu Searching Cart. It dmm9161aep the cable type straight through or crossover and makes the appropriate changes.

It is my d9m161aep the router took care of all that for me. Prague branch Temporarily out of stock. About us About shop GM electronic, spol. Here is my problem. Last edited by CptTitanic on Watch the availability change. This is what I see. Hradec Kralove branch Temporarily out of stock.

LQFP48 – Typ obvodu: