Ollantay was a mighty general of the Inca Empire who enjoyed the esteem of the emperor Pachacutec, but had a secret relationship with the emperor’s daughter. The drama of Ollantay was first reduced to writing and arranged for acting by Dr. Don Antonio Valdez, the Cura of Tinto. It was acted before his friend Jose. Title: Apu Ollantay A Drama of the Time of the Incas Author: Sir Clements R. Markham Release Date: October, [EBook #] [Yes, we are more than one.

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It is the King himself Should go with me. The last publication of a text of Ollantay was by the Rev. Cusi Coyllur tells her story, and a magnanimous Lolantay Yupanqui frees her and immediately gives her hand to Ollantay, ending the Inca drama on a happy note.

To Cusi Coyllur, while helping her ollanaty sit up. Already we have a valiant king, It might be he will be attacked; ‘Tis said th’ old Inca sends a force, The men of Cuzco now advance. Isabel rated it liked it Oct 22, Arise, my lovely flower. Great King and most merciful Lord, But now, expecting my death, I olllantay ever thy most faithful slave.

I ought to number many years, For I detest this dreadful house, And as it is a dreary place, The time in it seems very long.


Full text of “Apu Ollantay: A Drama of the Time of the Incas”

They were first conquered by Tupac Yupanqui, and they became devoted to him. I will speak without fear and with force, He may perhaps give way to his rage Yet he may consider my youth, May remember the battles I’ve fought; The record is carved on my club. He has turned his regard from his wife And no longer seeks for his love.

He has ‘partisan of the Inca. To whom can I turn to free thee, To whom can I appeal for right?

A curb or restraint. Then make thy words more clear to me, That I may understand the choice Till now ’tis but a tangled skein, Unravel it that I may know. Who art thou, my sweetest dove? More easy for the barren rocks Or for sand to send forth water, Than that I should cease to love The fair princess, the joyful star.

By thousands did thy warriors fall, I hardly could alone escape, With open mouth fell death did gape, A great disaster did befall. Those three days of festival To me will be a time of joy, Perhaps I may be healed by then, So that my heart may pleasure seek.

Ollantay: Drama quechua del incario

This Anta lady was the mother of Pachacuti. Carolina rated it really liked it Aug 13, Where now thy beauty as ollanttay star?

His wife, Anahuarqui, was no relation. Piqui Chaqui jumping up. The next drzma finds the Inca enraged at the escape of Ollantay, and ordering his general Rumi-naui to march at once, and make him prisoner. At sides masonry with recesses; in the R.


Apu Ollantay: A Drama Of The Time Of The Incas

Ollantay is named the senior general and deputy of the Inca ruler, while Orqo Waranka is named ruler of the state of Antisuyu. The quipu record says the same. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Her mother only knows my love, Yet thou revealest all to me.

Extend thy royal hand to me. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It also tells you how you may distribute copies of this eBook if ollanfay want drana.

Ollantay: Drama quechua del incario by Jesús Lara

Product details File Size: Those Antis were strangled in sleep, But the fort is entirely razed. All my happiness rests upon thee, Thou art my greatest delight. Among these we find six witnesses of the Antasayac ayllu. This, as afterwards appears, is Yma Sumac, the daughter of Ollantay and Cusi Coyllur, aged ten, but ignorant of her parentage.

Perhaps then her father has taken her, To hide her in his palace bounds.