But in ”Dream Catcher” Margaret Salinger pieces together the whole story from her father’s recollections and her own research into the history. Margaret Salinger, 44, wrote Dream Catcher, she says, because she was ” determined not to repeat with my son what had been done with me”. When the pre-publication copy of Dream Catcher: A Memoir by Margaret A. Salinger arrived, it was opened with Maynard’s wounds still healing.

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Gave up on the book. I hope his wife finds peace.

It is certainly ironic that some of the best, recent Salinger criticism written comes from his daughter, but Salinger himself has attuned readers to listen carefully to the insights of “young folks.

So much of it was interesting, but Margaret Salinger just really needs to suck it up and not be so self-pitying and melodramatic.

She restricted herself to burning down their house, says her daughter, something her mother denies. Fact is it’s not a biography of J. The result is patchily compelling.

In short, I found the book was overly descriptive, painfully lengthy pages, of which almost half were unnecessary!

Dream Catcher: A Memoir

Maynard’s gossip and wounded cries become little more than huckstering attention salinfer money, while Margaret Salinger’s work shows the brilliance of what can happen when a walinger way of seeing is adroitly applied to a man’s writing. Shall I read the book? It was a wonder that Jerry Salinger survived at all.


You would have hated this,’ and brings the reader very actively into this sort of circle of elite misunderstood. Few people are what they are on the page.

Margaret A. Salinger. (). Dream Catcher: A Memoir. Reviewed by Will Hochman.

I started reading this book keen on all the information I was going to get about her father especially after having read his letters at the Morgan Library but ended up admiring Margaret and reminding myself of the importance of embracing one’s family background and past, regardless of how hard and fabulous it was. She does write that he was very secretive about it, did work in a studio that no one other than he had access to, and that he never stopped writing so far as she could tell.

She says that he continues to write, but does not publish any more for fear of criticism, although he “sure doles it out”. And she footnotes enough to make you wonder if she wants this to resemble a scholarly work. Of course I read “Catcher in the Rye” when I was young, although not that young. That’s what knocked down the house of cards. Much of the research Margaret Salinger has done about Salinger and their family is interesting.

She has not dared to contact her father since word got out that she was writing the book.

She has a degree in management from Oxford University and has trained as a non-denominational hospital chaplain. Not my favorite due to the years I had this book ? Last year, Maynard auctioned the letters she exchanged with Salinger. Anyway, this book is far to depressing to carry on at the moment It was difficult at times to get through this novel, it took me over a month to get into the swing of what could be awfully depressing and dismal situations surrounding the life he delved out, but wow.


While I’ve been enjoying this book, it is really depressing. Her family was extremely disfunctional and she suffered because of it. I think she had to give up trying to be a dream catcher.

It’s doubtful Christ could live up to dreancatcher image, and it’s clear that Salinger’s fictional image as a man quite sensitive to young people and holiness had human problems.

Why should poor JD be in more trouble for that than every other parent whose kid isn’t Hemingway? She says this with some pride, but it is clearly a melancholy situation for any family when the best thing you can say about relations with your father is that he has not taken you to the highest court in the land, yet. In the edition I read, this book has pages. Refresh and try again. He has drezmcatcher off biographers and fans and become the benchmark for reclusive artists.