there is any difference between Duas of Shia and Sunni like Dua e Mashkool etc ? is it same for every Muslim. Answer. We do not know Dua-e-Mashkool. Wilayat Mission features the English Translation of Dua Mashlool. Printer friendly PDF includes arabic and transliteration. Attention! Before the software update, uninstall the previous version. Here are the status: (En) 1- Lovely and beautiful interface 2- Audio play 3- Optional playing.

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O Guarantor masylool those who have no guarantee. O Friend of all the lonely ones. O Gatherer of nations. O my Sponsor in my blessings! O thou that art the Cherisher of good deeds. Remove from me all sorrow, suffering and grief.

English Translation of Dua Mashlool – Wilayat Mission

O He Who sends down blessings! Next day fully cured, he came to Imam Ali and said that he had recited this Dua as advised and went to sleep. O You, who being worshipped, rewards. O Lord of Honour and Omnipotence:. O He Who is every day upon some labor! O Lord of Honour and Omnipotence: The holy prophet, gently touched his body with his hand and asked him to remember this dua’a as it contain ismi azam the great name of Allah.


O You that raises men in rank and degree; O You that accedes to requests; O You that brings the dead to life; O You that gathers together that which is scattered.

O Thou that art “He” of whom no one knoweth what “He” is. O You that chose Musa as one spoken unto. O Thou that nourisheth the little baby; O Thou that joineth together broken ones.

O my Provision in my hardship! O Originator of all means! It eradicates poverty and sickness.

O Most Generous of the most generous! O You Whom no thought can fully comprehend. O Lord of graciousness and benevolence!

Almighty’s Mercy and forgiveness are the main rewards of this Dua, if recited regularly. O Thou that gathereth together that which is scattered. O my Friend in my loneliness.

O Protector of the frightened refugees; O Thou for Whom alone are both destiny and disposal. O Answerer of prayers. O Healer of illnesses! O He Who answers all supplications! O Thou that didst accept the offering of Habeel and placed the curse upon Qabeel. Xua He upon Whose Throne no foot treads! O Bestower of blessings. O Patron of the faithful.


O You that did restore Yusuf unto Yaqub. O You that takes pity on our tears. O He Who strengthened the heart of Moses’ mother.

Here the Devotee should pray for the fulfillment of his valid desires. O He Who sponsors good things!

O You more keen of vision than the most da. O You that does not need any explanation. O You that did save Nooh from drowning. I beseech You with the help of all the Names whereby Dus have named Yourself. O Lofty; O Great. O Thou that gave glad tidings of the Birth of Yahya unto Zakaria. He saw the Holy Prophet sa in the dream. O Cave of him who has no cave!

English Translation of Dua Mashlool

O You that did forgive the omission of Adam. O He Who governs and determines! O You that are not confused by a multiplicity of voices.