and only for the purposes described in this manual. The E5CN, E5CN-U, E5AN, and E5EN are Digital Temperature Controllers. The E5CN and E5CN-U are both . E5CN/E5AN/E5EN Digital Temperature Controllers User’s Manual Basic Temperature Controllers Communications Manual Basic Type (Cat. The free ThermoMini Parameter Copy Software can be used to reach E5CN parameters E5CN Temperature Controller Communications User’s Manual ( Cat.

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Appendix A Action Control continues, allowing normal operation. Function Transfer type Default The set point can be switched by operating the keys on the front panel or by using external input signals event inputs.

Other Functions Improved visibility A 7-segment digital display also possible.

Page operation level Standby sequence reset: Program start See note 5. U or D keys.

Omron E5CN User Manual

How to Read Display Symbols The following tables show mxnual correspondence between the symbols displayed on the displays and alphabet characters.

Digital temperature controller with segment display pages. Page 2 Can be selected only when the program pattern is not set to OFF. Operating Procedure The following example shows how to select C as the temperature unit.


For this example, set 2.


Section Alarm Delays Note 1 The defaults are 0, i. Level Description ol-h MV upper limit: This parameter selects the output type for linear current outputs.

Initial Setting Level Program Pattern ptrn Lights for approximately one second during startup.

PageAlarm 3 latch: The display changes as mankal on the left for input types Input types 6, 8, 9, manuzl, 13, 14, 16,17, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22 only: Adjustment level To limit the manipulated variable ol-l MV lower limit: Refers to control in which the MV is proportional to the deviation control error. Be careful not to forget it. Timing Status Meaning Countermeasures Use the U key to set the parameter to Note Heater voltage fluctuations are not considered here, so be take that into account when setting the detection current.

Page al1n Alarm 1 Open in Alarm Alarm 1 must be assigned. Not doing so may occasionally result in unexpected events. These protect levels prevent unwanted operation of the keys on the front panel in varying degrees. Page 92 Section Shifting Input Values Method for a 2-point Use a 2-point input shift if you want to increase the accuracy of the readout Shift values across the range of the sensor. Page initial setting level Alarm 3 type initial setting level: Page 5 Performance data given in this manual is provided as a guide for the user in determining suitability and does not constitute a warranty.


PageAlarm 2 type: Page 9 Precautions for Safe Use Be sure to observe the following precautions to prevent operation failure, malfunction, or adverse affects on the performance and functions of the product.

In no event shall the responsibility of OMRON for any act exceed the individual price of the product on which liability is asserted. Manhal a negative value produces an overlapping band.

The input type must be set to tem- perature input. Shift the Controller readout at two points, near room d5cn and near the value at which the temperature of the control target is to be controlled. Deviation, Deviation range, or Absolute value Function Refer to the alarm 1 type list.