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Find EEPROM Datasheet related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec – a trusted source of EEPROM Datasheet. I’ve got these s from an old PCB. They’re noted as compatible in my data book but no information other than a list of features and pinout. Memory ICs are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Memory ICs. EEPROM. (4).

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Its development came out of the standard EPROM technology that was widespread in the late s and s. These EPROM memories could be programmed, typically with machine software, and then later erased by exposing the chip to UV light if the software needed to be changed. Although the erasure process eeprrom an hour or so, this was quite acceptable for development environments.

However these semiconductor memories could not be erased electrically, and a totally electrical arrangement would have been more convenient. The advantage of an EEPROM memory, apart from the fact that the data stored is non-volatile, is that it is possible to read data from it and also erase it and write data to it. In this way the memory device could run from a single supply, thereby considerably reducing the cost of an overall circuit using an EEPROM and simplifying the design.


As a result it is necessary to use the data stored in the EEPROM memory in such a way that this does not impede the operation of the overall system. Typically the data stored in it can be downloaded at start-up. It is also important to note that Write and erase operations are performed on a byte per byte basis.

Although there are several different memory cell configurations that can be sued the basic principle that is behind each memory cell is the same. Often the memory cell will comprise two field effect transistors. One of these is eepron storage transistor. This has what is termed a floating gate.

Electrons can be made to become trapped in this gate, and the presence or absence of electrons then equates to the data stored there. The other transistor generally in the memory cell is what is known as the 281 transistor and it is required for the operational aspects of the EEPROM memory cell.


EEPROM Technology Tutorial

The actual way in which the memory device is operated depends upon the flavour or memory type and hence its electrical interface. There are two ways in which these memory devices can fail:.

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