El Enigmático conde de Saint-Germain. Front Cover. Pierre Ceria, François Ethuin. Ediciones Obelisco S.l., – Body, Mind & Spirit – pages. Buy The Enigmatico Conde de Saint Germain, El by Pierre Ceria, Francois Ethuin (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. El enigmático Conde de Saint-Germain at – ISBN – ISBN – – Hardcover.

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In some point his paths must have crossed with his countryman, Charles d’Eon de Beaumont, a diplomat, writer, spy, and Freemason, but there is no evidence of joint adventures. All efforts to find him proved useless. The impenetrable silence kept by him and by those to whom he entrusted his secret would in this event be due to fear of the Emperor of Austria and possible vengeance on his part. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

Conde de Saint-Germain – História e Lenda

The Comtesse d’Adhemar has left a eaint account of the interview. Receba os sinceros cumprimentos de, Granada P.

Saint-Germain’s Philosophy With the co-operation of Germainn de Lange, who was the nominal head, he founded the group of Philalethes, or truth-lovers, which was recruited from the cream of the Friends Assembled. Confrada Airmid, Seguem dois links interessantes acerca do Sancy: The Berruguete Portrait ca. He possessed a marvelous knowledge of all the countries in Europe at all periods.

The belief that Saint-Germain and the descendant of the Racoczis are one and the same is firmly held by many people, who regard him as a genuine adept and even think he may still be living. That is what happened in the case of the Comte de Saint-Germain. He left no gemrain memorial of himself such as a book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. He was not arrested a second time in England.

Conde de Saint-Germain – História e Lenda | Forum |

This would give an air of probability to the memories of southern lands and sunny palaces which Saint-Germain liked to call up as the setting of his childhood. Termain expression on Maurepas’ face changed. All over the country secret societies sprang up. Annie Besant, uma teosofista, disse ter conhecido o conde em See all free Ve reading apps.


Monsieur d’Affry, the French minister in Holland, was informed of this step, and complained bitterly to his minister for foreign affairs that France was carrying on negotiations that did not pass through his hands.

Éthuin, Franc̜ois [WorldCat Identities]

Germain O Conde de St. No known restrictions on publication.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Madam du Housset says in her memoirs that the king spoke of Saint-Germain as a personage of illustrious birth. St Germain was a Catholic. Yet if Saint-Germain he knew how to ehigmatico gold, he was wise enough to say nothing about it. Todos seriam o Olho de um Deus, ou Deusa.

La Ciencia de la Inmortalidad

Unfortunately, the Franco-Prussian War and the Commune supervened, and the part of the building in which the dossier was kept was burnt. But even if he has never come back, even if he is no longer alive and we must relegate to legend the idea that the great Hermetic nobleman is still wandering about the world with his sparkling jewels, his senna tea, and his taste for princesses and queens even so it can be said that he has gained the immortality he sought.

The musician Rameau and Madam de Gergy with the latter of whom, according to the memoirs of Casanova, he was still dining about both assert that they met him at Venice inunder the name of the Marquis de Montferrat. It is said that he initiated Cagliostro, who visited him on several occasions in Holstein to receive directions from him, though there is no direct evidence for this.

I am the only person who is competent to speak on this subject, and I have exhausted it. They will do away with the Catholic religion, the nobility, and the magistracy. But Saint-Germain received warning just before his arrest. Caro confrade, Retrato deveras interessante. From that day forward, the mystery in which the Comte de Saint-Germain was shrouded grew deeper than ever.

The keen scent of Maurepas’ police officials was not keen enough, either during the days immediately following or later. Madam du Hausset subsequently had the stones valued, and they turned out to be genuine and extremely valuable. Voltaire says that he has not been told any secrets and refers to Gsrmain Germain’s role in political manouverings – “who will probably have the honour d seeing your Majesty in the course of fifty years. You cnode not see these calamities, but the fact that you paved the way for them will be enough to blacken your memory.


It seems quite certain that sainy Comte de Saint-Germain did not die at the place and on the date that history has fixed. There is other evidence, though less conclusive, of his survival. You know that he represented himself as the Wandering Jew, as the discoverer of the elixir of life, of the philosopher’s stone, and so forth.

It may be that there exists a way by which a man may attain the highest spirituality and yet keep this pleasure.

In two great successive assemblies, at which every Masonic lodge in France was represented, the Philalethes attempted the reform of Freemasonry. It is not a declaration of belief in St Germain’s immortality.

Without any doubts, the physical goals of alchemy – the elixir of life and the Philosopher’s Stone – fascinated deeply St Germain.

The legend of St Germain, “the man who does not die,” was born in the mids. The Englishman Grosley said he saw him in in a revolutionary prison; and someone else wrote that he was one of the crowd surrounding the tribunal at which the Princess de Lamballe appeared before her execution. Saint-Germain’s knowledge of diamonds, precious stones, and chemistry impressed his contemporaries; his dyeing skills were widely acknowledged.

Sou eu quem lhe fica grato pela ajuda.

Caro Conde, tem todos os dados. Later, Madam de Gergy told Madam de Pompadour that she had received from Saint-Germain at Venice an elixir that enabled her to preserve, for eigmatico long time and without the smallest change, the appearance of a woman of twenty-five. O diamante passou a pesar cerca de 67 quilates e ficou conhecido como o Diamante Azul da Coroa.