Wat is PDF Spiritual EL519 DATASHEET PDF


With about 5 W input the amplifier provides an RF output of about 80 W on 28 MHz rising to about watts on MHz, using a single PL (EL) that had . EL/6KG6. High Performance Beam Power. Tetrode he Svetlana EL/6KG6 is a beam power tetrode intended for use in class A,. AB or B audio amplifiers. EL Substitutes. No information available. EL Ratings. No information available. EL Application Data. No information available. EL Data sheet.

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All now seems adjusted optimally but pay attention: I have tried as much homebrew as possible: It has 9 turns with an inner diameter of 25 mm and a length of about 60 mm. Off-resonance, hefty currents can flow through the valves!

Assuming that the anode lead is about 12 cm long about 0. Filaments and capacitor in series connected to mains.

EL Datasheet PDF –

With collective bias, individual-resting currents will differ. At the highest band, the tuning-C cannot be made small enough because of the high capacity of the anode circuit. The quiescent current at V was about 11 mA. With about 5 W driving power the output was 80 W and W was sufficient for even W output. One should reckon with valve diameters differing with different brands: This is a safe method as the ferrite is quite fragile. The wirewound resistor 10—50?

This was not often seen but I am using the toroids more than 25 years in my home made amplifiers.

EL519 Datasheet PDF

Adjust L1 in the 10 m band by pushing or pulling out the windings for lowest SWR with “key-down” power. If any instability occurs fit a suppressor. When datasheft anode voltage is shorted to the output, without a DC-path to earth for blowing the HT fuse the wire-wound resistor in the anode-circuit will curtail the flaming arc across the blown fusethe antenna cable and antenna will become death traps.


Let the PA cool for at least 30 seconds after every 30 seconds of transmitting, to keep the valves healthy. A diameter of about 2 dagasheet and le519 length of 10 cm is satisfactory. The screen grid is neither at a fixed high voltage nor at earth potential but at a voltage with is proportional to the RF drive.

This right picture alternative simpler resistor input circuit has a higher SWR on 10—40 m and reduced output on 10 m, however this should not be a problem with a modern transmitter with a built-in antenna tuner. Bias per tube with variable transistor “zener diodes”.

One should reckon with valve diameters differing with different makes: For maximal power in the 10 m band, use short connections. Adjustment according to my “found” formula is a good directive for home-brewing amps that are meant for CW and SSB.

At each valve socket, all six grid-pins must connected to each other and be grounded via one point to a common spot chassis, print-board copper side with short connections of thick wire or ribbon strip low inductance. If the amplifier is only for 40, 80 or meters, you can omit L1 and pF. SV2GNC’s amplifier, the external anode supply is not shown. However, when miss tuning with full power, the voltage may rise to several times this value and therefore V should be a safer margin.

Another solution is to remove 1 cm of the windings and start again, leaving a gap of 1 cm between windings; then check again.

Usually I will not reactivate longer than 30 minutes. Therefore he is used a S1 to link S2. Valves unused for a long time and even new one’s, should be first warmed up by having only the filaments on, with the correct voltage, for half an hour. My preceding designs were mostly intended to pep up 10 W home-brew sets.


There are special long fuses for high voltages, but in this design, the standard fast VAC ones have been used. If the leakage current and voltage are stabilised may take 30 minutesthe supply voltage can be raised to the intended dataseet voltage, which should be lower than the nominal one. To couple the balance output of the anodes to 50 ohms, I had my own S-Match antenna tuner system in mind. Please note that these are OEM spec sheets,except for some of the Resistance Coupled Amplifier charts, you will not be downloading any pages of a regular tube manual that you already have.

The Telecom authorities also require it.

EL519 Datasheet

This is dahasheet care of in this circuit. The capacitance of the electrodes to each other including the neutralisation of two anodes is very low for the HF amateur bands.

The pictures give an idea of the layout of the important components in the experimental amplifier. There are various opinions and solutions how to do it, but with a PL it can be relatively simple. In the absence of drive there is no screen voltage and the idle current is very low. Still far too few amateurs can say: Closely wind the former with one layer of 25 — 28 swg-enamelled wires over a length of 5 — 10 cm.

With these experiments, safety glasses are advised, because resistors, capacitors and fuses sometimes disintegrate spectacularly. By grounding the plus pole of the meter, one datasgeet obtain many meter functions with a one-waver switch.