This article describes the applications, process capabilities, and limitations and advantages of electrostream and capillary drilling. It describes equipment and. NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Sridhar ioned.

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Few experiments are also conducted on Inconel super alloy. Specifications of the power supply unit used in ESD are, as follows.

The complete conversion table is tabulated in Table 2. The more familiar machining operations include turning, boring, milling, planing, broaching and grinding. Burgess in a paper for the electro chemical society in The glass nozzle is gripped in the nozzle holder.

electrostrema This is done before taking weight of the work piece after ESD. They suggested guidelines for selecting a particular process. Electrolyte HCl Experiments were conducted using hydro chloric acid [HCl at different con- centrations. By employing pulsed power supply, machining takes place only during pulse on time, and during off time-no reaction takes place. The least count of the instrument is 0. This aspect led to the development of high strength and temperature resistant, hard and brittle materials, whose machining posed serious problems to the manufacturing industries.

Partial passivation caused by the loiiuaiioii of thick tdack film at higher electrolyte concentrations. This is so because machining has a special elrctrostream in the whole spectrum of all manufacturing processes.

Taper angles ddrilling ESD machined holes at different operating conditions Mxpcriincnis are planned according to central composite rotatable design for two input paranteters.

Since, increase in voltage increases the machining currentthis increase in current causes an increase in machined mass.


They conducted the experi- ments using NaCl electrolyte on Inconel alloy material. Pipes are clamped at the junctions by wire electfostream to avoid the release of pipes due to electrolyte pressure.

With ESD holes as small as 0. The reason for an ellectrostream in diameter of the hole at the top surface is partly attributed to the stray current effect and partly due to the fact that this portion of the workpiece is subjected to electro-chemical dissolution throughout the period of drilling.

Electrostream Drilling Of High Speed Steel

It is evident from the figure that the material removal incrca. Work piece can be held in the work vice with the help of a tightening screw made of perspex. The Basic components of a nozzle and its holding arrangement are as follows: Chamber is provided with a slope at the electrlstream to drop down the sprinkled liq- uid electrolyte to the bottom.

Platinum is used because of its good electrical conductivity, and its inertness to acidic action. The situations that make ECM a prime candidate for machining are as given below.

The difference in the two readings gives the amount of material removed. The ESD machine has been designed keeping in view of the fundamental mechanism of the process. The results of their study are shown in Fig 1. Based on material to be machined elec- trolyte is to be selected, some of the materials, and electrolytes appropriate for their machining is as follows.

Another problem is the formation of insoluble precipitates during machining which inhibits the ma- chining of small deep holes. But drilling of small holes with large aspect ratios is beyond the scope of ECM because of over cutting on account of sideway current flow. An acidic electrolyte, however, dissolves the metal, and carries away as metal ions Fig 1. Shekhar for their expert guidance and encouragement which have been the vital factors in successful completion of the present work.


It was also observed that applying the reverse polarity also resulted in tool erosion. Here xi and refer to the coded level values. The 3-phase V A. Some of the test conditions used during the experimentation are given in Table 2.

Dr. V K Jain -Publications

Basic requirements taken into consideration while designing the machining chamber are as follows. Reproducibility dgilling 36 ESD drilled holes have taper. I am very much thankful to Mr. Out of which 5 experiments are conducted under the same operating conditions. Hast alloy, Heynes alloy. The general form of a quadratic second degree polynomial in two x-variables is as follows.

The work piece is placed in the work vice and tightened with a screw. Electrolyte supplying system, 4.

NPTEL :: Mechanical Engineering – NOC:Advanced Machining Processes

Values of electrpstream angles are calculated from the profiles of holes in Fig 3. The study conducted has shown that the ESD process is feasible and advan- tageous elecrtostream machining small diameter hole drilling in HSS and Inconel. ECM is considered as an efficient process for machining complicated shapes in any hard and electrically conductive material.

The magnitude of current will be more at higher concentration. They also reported the selection of electrolyte in ESD for machining a specific kind of workpiece material.