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The ELx™ is a compact, robust microplate reader ideally suited for applications within the clinical and life science research laboratory. When interfaced with. BioTek – ELxAbsorbance Microplate Reader, The ELx™ is designed for applications within the clinical, biotechnology research and pharmaceutical. BioTek ELx – Operator’s BioTek – ELx by BioTek. BioTek – ELx Download PDF. Product Details · Forums · Documents; Parts; Videos.

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Place the groove in the shipping block over the shaft and screw it down Figure 10 Shipping block Shaft Figure Manusl you need to ship the ELx Reader to Bio-Tek for service or repair, be sure to use the original packing. For In Vitro Diagnostic use. Page 56 Chapter 2: General Errors Flex cable is disconnected or damaged.


See page xi for contact information. This should create a solution with an absorbance of about 2. Reinstalling the Top Cover Page 63 – Figure Power up the reader. Its compact footprint and proven robust design makes it an ideal solution for many microplate based biological assays. Your name and company information.

After a few moments, the Main Menu will reappear.

BioTek ELx800 – Operator’s Manual.pdf

Protocol Definition Read Method dialog Click to read the plate and display the results. Elx Front Panel Chapter 3: Follow the steps below: Once the instrument has been set up and is running successfully, please take a moment to maual out and mail the postage-paid Warranty Registration card.


Add to My Bench. You can add Community Subscriptions in the search bar that says “Subscribe to more communities For each mean below 2.

Qualification Procedures Qualification Procedures You may use the tests outlined in this section to confirm initial and ongoing performance of the ELx Figure 13 Shelf Power supply Figure Introduction This chapter introduces the ELx Automated Microplate Reader and describes its hardware and software features.

Page 13 Figure Don’t have an account? No responsibility is assumed by Bio-Tek for the use or reliability of software or equipment that is not supplied by Bio-Tek or its affiliated dealers.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. If an assay protocol states that for the assay to be valid: Check the filters on the test plate to ensure that there is no debris that maual have shifted between readings and caused changes. By sending in the registration card, you will be assured of receiving prompt information on product enhancements.

The next standard control, or sample, would follow in B2. EQUIV if the sample equals 1. OD repeatability Reading speed: Page If the four corner wells are within the accuracy range, mwnual reader is in alignment. This site uses cookies.

Operation Mabual of Standard Curves The ELx has the ability to reuse a standard curve that has elz800 been established. Page 78 4 5 0 4 9 0 6 3 0 Select the wavelength. Dilute using amounts of the remaining 0. For best measurement results, use these brands when operating the ELx via its onboard software. Page 90 Select YES to average the replicates for each standard group, and then use the group averages when calculating the standard curve.


Page Bearings caused motors to fail. This Warranty is VOID if the Product has been repaired or altered by persons not authorized by Bio-Tek, or if the Product has had the serial number altered, effaced, or removed. The Lap top uses Windows7. Examples of mapping directions are shown on the next page. Repackaging and Shipping the ELx Turn the instrument right side up, and put the end caps on the unit Figure 12 Left end cap 26 x 32 2-Mil poly bag Right end cap Figure These options are accessed via the Select Utility Option menu Figure 5 belowand include: Warnings When operated in a safe environment according to the instructions in this document, there are no known hazards associated with the instrument.

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If the assay contains a closed variable i. Wipe the plate carrier and all exposed surfaces of the instrument. Page The Louisville reference center recommends the following positive discrimination criteria according to the el8x00 of the 2 International Anticardiolipin Workshop. Preparing The Shipping Container Make a note of any error messages displayed and their frequency. Plate Type For 6- to well standard plates, the plate types and sizes dlx800 in the software onboard the ELx are based on the brands listed below.