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2/ LZN 91 Tools and Instruments 3 RBS Maintenance Manual all other Ericsson products using the product number to identify each product. The manual is intended as an overview of the Ericsson RBS .. as well as the indoor version RBS will be given in the. We have RBS DXUA BOE 14/1 R16B in stock. RBS is an indoor macro base station, we have all version in this store. If you need more.

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When possible, correct the faults found when using the checklist before doing the preventive maintenance routine. Connect the external DC power, or battery backup, at the connection field on top of the cabinet. The calibration of the DXU oscillator frequency was successful. One or more faults are detected in ericssson PSU.

GSM BOE 602 14/1 R16B RBS 2202 Ericsson BTS base station DXU-21A all tested

I would like your verified suppliers matching service! This will set the TRU in local mode. Disconnect all external wires from the back of the IDM.

2202 One or more faults are detected in the ECU. Disconnect the DC cable. Refit the Local bus cable to the TRU backplane, if it was removed.

Testing The RBS is tested before the field technician leaves the site. Disconnect the opto bus cables connected to the BFU s.

Never prop up a ladder with boxes, stones or the like. An RU may be replaced by another RU of the same type.


PSU -48 Ericsson BTS GSM

Loosen the panel covering the fans above the PSU sub-rack. After Maintenance Handling of replaced units The chapter Concluding Routines describes which units are repairable and which are disposable and the different administrative routines connected eridsson both.

It is necessary to ensure that no metal object, such as a tool, short- circuits the batteries. Inspect the OVP box for possible damages. The pencil marks made earlier will assist with alignment.

GSM BOE 14/1 R16B RBS Ericsson BTS base station DXUA all tested – telecommunicationbts

Use the BTS logs to localise the fault more precisely. The fault will cease when DC voltage returns to safe level. Connect the AC mains to the connection field on top of the cabinet. Refer to the section “IDM” in the chapter “Cable Connections”for information on the wiring connections.

Replace the faulty ECU. Mark the frequency in the list. Proceed to chapter Concluding Routines and complete the checklist. One or more alarms are activated. Wait until the Local mode indicators have fixed yellow lights.

It is in particular important that the DXU maintenance is the first routine, as it requires a waiting time of 10 minutes before it is finished. Hardware Warranty for days. Loosen the retaining screws securing the faulty RU.

Channel group A channel group is a group 220 dedicated logical channels to a specific MS. These symptoms may develop within a week, or after a period of several years. Further information about colour coding versus frequency and encryption can be found in the Spare Parts Catalogue, Appendix B.

Yes No 5 6 Extension cabinet? Remove the coaxial links a, b, c and d. No external alarms are activated. Read off the measurement of the frequency counter. The eight time slots of each TDMA bfs are numbered Check that the terminators are placed according the figures above. The following information details the roof panel sockets and the CDU connections to which they are terminated.


Ericsson RBS Series

Only a qualified and authorized electrician is permitted to install or modify the electrical installation. On 9 Check the cables 10 Alarm indicator Off status? These are often referred to as a single physical unit, but are implemented in the backplane of the cabinet with cables.

The green indicator “Operational” will start flashing. There are many disturbances on the local bus. Make a request to the OMC operator to activate the cell s.

Ericsxon next pages contain an example of a filled-in trouble report and a blank trouble report. Beijing Keynote Telecom Technology Limited.

Depend on the quantity you need and we receive the deposite then we will deliver in the short time. The yellow indicator labelled External alarm indicates that one or more alarms are activated. RBS is an indoor macro base station, we have all version in this store.

Is this fault indicated? The repair delivery note shall include a clear description of the fault found. How to contact us. Make sure that the circuit breaker is in normal position.